How to Stay Healthy on Airplanes!

This is a topic that’s relevant to so many people: how to stay healthy on airplanes.  Between the recycled, dry air; to being surrounded by people & germs (including that person hacking next to you!); to the sodium-filled, less-than-healthy food….airplanes aren’t exactly a boon for your health.  And while there are some common sense things you can do to stay healthy: I also have a few items in my arsenal to keep my health optimal before & after flying.  We’ll cover the basics first, then get into some tips you may not know about!

How to Stay Healthy on Airplanes, Girl Who Travels the World

To fully enjoy whatever destination you’re flying to (even if it’s for work), follow these guidelines for staying healthy on planes!

How to Stay Healthy on Airplanes

Did you know that the relative humidity on airplanes is less than 20%??!  It can even be as low as 0%!!  That’s why your eyes & sinuses get dried out, & your skin may start cracking.  Comfortable humidity levels range between 30-70%.  So, the key to staying healthy on airplanes involves staying hydrated & retaining moisture.  Some common sense ways to do this are: 1) Avoid alcohol (alcohol is also dehydrating); 2) Bring your own food & drink LOTS of water; 3) Get up & walk around frequently (to improve circulation). 

Another great way to stay hydrated is to bring rose water spray & spritz your face throughout the flight.  And bonus: it smells heavenly.  Or take in-flight hydration to the next level & bring one of those super-hydrating face masks & use it during the flight.  This will create a barrier of moisture between you & all that dry air.

How to Stay Healthy on Airplanes

Now, let’s get a little more strategic.  I use this 4-step process whenever I fly, or even if I’m around people who are sick.  The key is to support your immune system, create a barrier between you & any germs floating around, & then remove any germs you’ve come into contact with. 

  1. Take four “Wellness Formula” pills prior to your flight.  Wellness Formula is THE best immune enhancer I’ve ever found.  It has high doses of Vitamin C & several potent Chinese herbs, like echinacea & garlic (yes, there’s a slight aftertaste)…but bottom line: IT WORKS. 
  2. Use “Simply Saline” spray before & after your flight, to clear out any debris or germs from your nose.  Bonus: the gentle, water + salt combo will help moisturize your dried-out nasal passages. 
  3. Here’s my favorite tip: before your flight, & after using the saline spray ~ put a tiny bit of Neosporin on a Q-tip, then line the inside of your nasal passages with it.  Why?  Because the Neosporin will keep your nose moisturized throughout the flight, & create a physical barrier between you & any germs.  Simple, cheap, & effective!  (Plus, Neosporin is great to have on hand when you travel, in case of scrapes or cuts.)
  4. Finally, to reduce bloat & water retention post-flight: take high-quality B vitamins.  Any swelling or water you’ve retained from the flight will be assisted by taking B vitamins.  And the bonus here is increased energy!

“When you fly, the pressure changes: that’s why people’s legs swell [& some] people get blood clots.  Things you can do: [try a ] low-salt diet a few days before you fly.  Get up & walk around.  And I’m a really big believer in B-complex vitamins, because they’re a natural diuretic.  Vitamin B complex gets rid of a lot of the water we retain that leads to puffiness the next day.”

Dr. Dennis Gross, World-Renowned Dermatologist

How to Stay Healthy on Airplanes!

Here’s my final tip for how to stay healthy on airplanes (I do this everywhere I fly): in your new destination, run to the pharmacy & grab hydrogen peroxide.  In Spanish, it’s called “Agua Oxigenada.”  Put a small amount of diluted hydrogen peroxide in each ear for about 5-10 minutes.  The more build-up in your ears, the more you’ll hear it bubble!!  It’s kind of crazy…but anytime I feel like I’m getting sick, I do this ~ & it makes me feel better almost instantly!

In Good Health!

xoxo Noelia

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