How to Road Trip with Your Dog in Style!

There are few things I enjoy more than a good road trip with my dog, Dylan ~ he never complains, he appreciates whatever music I have on, & most important: he reminds me that it feels sooo good to get out & stretch my legs every few hours!  (When I’m alone, I tend to plow through…& then my body hates me for a few days!)  So, to make your next trip as dog-friendly as possible, this post will cover how to road trip with your dog in style…just a few little items to make life easier for you AND your pup!

Three of the most dog-friendly places I’ve ever found are Cannon Beach in Oregon, Carmel in California, & my current residence: Bend, Oregon.  Each of these cities is a bonafide dog heaven.

How to Road Trip with Your Dog in Style, Girl Who Travels the World

Road-tripping with your dog is one of life’s great experiences…including many “pull-off-the-road-now” sunsets, like this one overlooking Hearst Castle & central California.

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How to Road Trip with Your Dog in Style!

The #1 most game-changing item I’ve used to make road-tripping with Dylan 10X better is the Orvis Backseat Dog Hammock.  Last December, I drove from Oregon to California without it ~ & just used a blanket as a seat protector.  Then last month, I drove from California up to Idaho, through Zion, & ended up in Oregon ~ with the Orvis hammock this time.  The difference between trips was HUGE.  Before, Dylan would stand up every time I braked, to brace himself against the backseat.  With the hammock, there was no need for him to do this: because it provided protection from falling forward, & a stable, quilted center.  He panted less, & was so much more relaxed, on what was actually a much longer trip. 

How to Road Trip with Your Dog in Style, Girl Who Travels the World

Dylan at Zion National Park in his Orvis deluxe backseat dog hammock. If you have lower air vents (like I do), make sure to get the hammock with the mesh between the seats, to allow for airflow.

On the road, your dog will be jumping in & out of the car more often ~ which can be tough on the joints.  If your dog is young: no problem.  But if your dog’s older like Dylan, you may notice that jumping is getting difficult.  I went through several Glucosamine formulas before I found one I love: Nootie Advanced Hip & Joint Soft Chews.  At 250-count, the bottle lasts about four months (wayyy longer than most), & the difference it’s made in his activity level is significant: he’s peppier, & I’d say his ability to jump has improved by about 50%.  I love this formula because it includes turmeric, Coenzyme Q10, & hyaluronic acid ~ which aid with anti-aging & help calm inflammation.

How to Road Trip with Your Dog in Style, Girl Who Travels the World

Dylan’s activity level, particularly his ability to JUMP, is improved dramatically when I give him glucosamine daily. He’ll be turning 11 this year.

  Finally, there’s nothing worse than being on the road & your dog poops in a very public place: then you realize you have no poop bags!  Embarassing.  To prevent that from happening, I keep Earth Rated Extra Thick Dog Poop Bags (made from recycled material) everywhere ~ in my purse, in my car, & in my luggage…so I’m prepared at all times.

Orvis Backseat Dog Hammock


Glucosamine with Turmeric


Recycled Poop Bags

How to Road Trip with Your Dog in Style!

That rounds out my suggestions for how to road trip with your dog in style!  And if you’re looking for one place to keep all your dog gear (i.e. food dish, treats, toys, poop bags, etc.) ~ then check out the Overland Travel Dog Tote Bag.  It’s cute, functional, & will prevent your dog’s stuff from ending up all over the place! 

They’re a member of the family, after all…which means, they need their own bag ; )

xoxo Noelia & Dylan

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