Female Travel Videos to Inspire!

In this post, we’re going to travel all over the world ~ from Iceland to Cuba, Costa Rica to Peru ~ ALL in search of travel inspiration!  And specifically, we’re going to take a look at female travel videos, because frankly, girls need a little more reassurance that they will be JUST FINE when they travel.  If I only listened to CNN & Fox News to get my “travel inspiration,” I would likely never leave my house!  

So these videos are meant to give you that extra little encouragement as you plan your next journey, either by yourself or with friends.  Pretend they are like little, virtual hugs from other female traveling kindred spirits, who have been there ~ & are sending you their encouragement from afar.

Machu Picchu Video

This is the first travel video I ever created, & Peru was the first place I actually lived by myself for over a month as a solo female traveler: so both the video & the entire experience are very special to me.  The video shows where most people start their Machu Picchu journey, in Cusco ~ at a breathtaking 11,000 breathtaking feet.  Cusco is a place I truly love & I hope this video captures even a tenth of its natural beauty.  

If Machu Picchu & Peru are on your bucket list but you’re a little nervous about traveling there as a woman, this is the perfect female travel video for you to watch!  

For a more complete travel guide to Peru, including hotel guides & safety info, click here.

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Lake Titicaca Video  

Next up, we’re going to stay in Peru & head southeast from Cusco down to the highest navigable lake in the world: Lake Titicaca.  (Yes, I love the name too ~ ha!)  Here, you’ll take a boat journey across the lake to the world-famous floating islands, & witness the people who actually live on these islands that are built on reeds!  It was astonishing to me how some people live in such vastly different ways to our “modern” society.  Fascinating.

For more information about getting to Lake Titicaca from Cusco, click here.

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Cuba Video

Now we’re going to fly thousands of miles north to taste that oh-so-forbidden fruit: Cuba.  This video takes you on a tour deep into the heart of Havana ~ from cruising in vintage cars to salsa dancing with beautiful Cuban strangers.  I made this particular trip with my friends Nina & Eileen, & it’s safe to say we fell head over high heels for Cuba.  

Interesting Fact: Crime is very low in Cuba, & we felt safe walking the streets at all hours of the day & night.  Apparently, nobody wants to go to jail in Cuba, sooo….good for the safety of tourists!  Not to mention, Cubans are some of the most handsome men we’ve ever come across, which you’ll see in the video….

Read my friend Nina’s intimate look at our salsa lessons here ~ it’s one of the most popular articles on my site!

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Mexico Travel Videos!  

If we take a short, one-hour flight from Cuba over to Cancun, Mexico ~ we’ll find the world wonders seen in the videos below, Chichen Itza & the awe-inspiring Pink Sea!  The Pink Sea is something you truly need to see for yourself to believe it’s real, & Chichen Itza really is one of the great Wonders of the World.

Find out how to get to the off-the-beaten-path Pink Sea here ~ & read all about Chichen Itza & where to stay here!  If you rent a car & are highly motivated (like we were), you can see the Pink Sea & Chichen Itza all in one day!  Check out how we did it in the female travel videos below…

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Iceland Video

Venturing away from tropical climates, it’s time to head ALL the way up to that rocky little island known as: ICELAND!  It’s always chilly & always windy ~ but the scenery will blow you away.  The video below shows some of the most popular sites in Southern Iceland, including the world-famous Blue Lagoon (an Iceland MUST)!  I traveled solo in Iceland for about three weeks, & then met up with friends for the last ten days, & felt entirely safe throughout.

Iceland is, in fact, the #1 safest country in the entire world, so worries about crime are virtually non-existent.  The one major detractor about Iceland though, is that it’s quite expensive, which can be prohibitive if you’re traveling alone.  

Learn more about travel in Iceland & tips for budget travel here!

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Costa Rica Video

This video is the most recent I’ve published (today, actually!) so it has no views yet ~ but this video is super special to me because it shows the time I spent earlier this year, volunteering on a Costa Rica coffee farm.  In looking back, this is easily one of my best travel experiences of the year, but of my entire life.  The people I met in this tiny village in Costa Rica made the trip, & reminded me how important the human connection is for a life well-lived.

If you’re looking to travel solo, but are a little nervous about traveling on your own: I’d highly recommend going on a volunteer vacation.  Check out the volunteer organizations IVHQ (an international volunteer organization) & Maximo Nivel (a volunteer organization based in Latin America) to get more details on volunteering.  These trips can be life-changing, & they really take care of you if you’re a solo traveler.  

To read about a day in the life of a coffee farmer, click here!

Volunteering on a Coffee Farm!


Female Travel Videos

for Inspo!

We all need a little inspiration sometimes, & I hope these female travel videos have given you some of the travel inspo needed to handcraft your next travel adventure!  I love hearing about other people journeys, so let me know if you’ve been to any of these places in the comments below.  Likewise, if you’re new to travel & need some encouragement ~ hit me up in the comments below or email me….that’s what I’m here for!  

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