Emily in Paris Season 3 Dining Locations

If you’ve ever wondered what fabulous restaurants are featured in Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” ~ this article is written for you.  Season 3 is especially resplendent in this department: every episode highlights an amazing eatery, serving up a delicious backdrop for this breezy show.  We’ll take a look inside the famous Paris restaurant & celebrity haunt patterned after Versaille’s Hall of Mirrors, then head south to Emily & Gabriel’s Michelin-starred lunch in “Ex-En-Provence.”  So without further ado, here are the top “Emily in Paris Season 3 Dining Locations…”

Emily in Paris Season 3 Dining Locations, Girl Who Travels the World

The “Emily in Paris” gang witnesses something *shocking* at a sidewalk restaurant in Paris…Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Map of Paris Restaurants & Hotels

Molitor Paris (Pool Scene)

Le Jules Verne (Eiffel Tower Restaurant)

Clover Gordes (Provence Restaurant)

Terra Nova (Gabriel's Restaurant)

Le Flore en L'Ile

La Nouvelle Eve (Mindy's Nightclub)

Le Meurice Restaurant

List of “Emily in Paris” Restaurants

For Season 3 of “Emily in Paris,” I’ll list the best restaurants featured in each episode.  The good news is: almost ALL can be visited in real life…

Le Meurice, Emily in Paris Season 3 Dining Locations, Girl Who Travels the World

The restaurant inside Le Meurice Hotel is featured in Episode 7 of “Emily in Paris.” Photo by Le Meurice.

  • Episode 1, “I Have Two Lovers ~ Season 3 opens with a typical scene at a cafe on Place de l’Estrapade, where Emily lives.  Mindy & Emily are gossiping at an outside table when Camille joins them.  They’re right across from La Boulangerie Moderne, & next to the red-awning’ed Terra Nova: the Italian retaurant (IRL) that stands in as Gabriel’s restaurant.  Later, near the end of the episode, Emily meets her boss, Sylvie, at the Eiffel Tower’s iconic restaurant: Le Jules Verne.
  • Episode 2, “What’s it All About….(Alfie) ~ Mid-way through Episode 2, Emily sets up a lunch date with Luc (her former co-worker) at famous sidewalk cafe: Le Flore en L’Ile, set right across from Notre Dame.  Later in the episode, Emily meets with another co-worker at Le Temps de Cerises, across from the Latin Quarter.
  • Episode 3, “Coo-D’etat ~ The main restaurant/nightclub featured in Episode 3 is the fictional La Trompette Bleue, where Mindy sings, & which does not exist in real life.  Instead, it was actually filmed at Paris cabaret club La Nouvelle Eve…..so head there for similar entertainment.
  • Episode 4, “Live from Paris, It’s Emily Cooper ~ Mid-episode, Emily meets with co-workers at a fabulous outdoor restaurant with views of Paris’ ferris wheel, Le Grande Roue de Paris.  The restaurant name is never shown, but there is a cafe right across from the ferris wheel: Cafe Carrousel.  Later, Sylvie lunches with her beau in a gorgeous courtyard garden restaurant at The Ritz Paris, called The Grand Jardin (I’m definitely going here next time I’m in Paris)!
  • Episode 5, “Ooo La La Liste ~ Half-way thru Episode 5, we find Emily & Mindy poolside at a chic hotel pool: this is Piscine Molitor, a hotel & pool complex situated next to Stade Roland Garros.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Restaurant Locations, Girl Who Travels the World

Episode 5 is all about the hip pool scene at Molitor Paris: a new hotel with two large pools. Photo by House Beautiful.

More Fabulous Restaurants from “Emily in Paris”

  • Episode 6, “Ex-en-Provence ~ Ahhhh….the Provence episode!  Emily & the gang head south for a grand launch party & debut of a new McLaren.  This is where Emily & Gabriel have a Michelin-star meal at the real-life Clover Gordes restaurant, in Airelles Gordes La Bastide Hotel ($698+).  Staying here is like staying in a real life fairytale: atop a cliff, with 12th-century battlements surrounding, & sweeping views of the Luberon.  The rest of the episode was filmed at Le Chateau de Sonnay, a private residence in the Loire Valley ~ which means you can’t stay there.  But you can stay at Chateau des Arpentis ($200+), also in the Loire.

Fabulous Restaurants from Season 3 of Emily in Paris, Girl Who Travels the World

Emily & Gabriel eat at a beautiful Provencal restaurant in Episode 6. And it’s set at this real-life hotel: Airelles Gordes La Bastide. Photo by Conde Nast.

  • Episode 7, “How to Lose a Designer in 10 Days ~ There’s only one restaurant featured prominently here, & it’s located at the corner of Avenue de Segur & Place Vauban: called Le Vauban.  It’s also where Emily & crew meets with Pierre Cardin….& poor results ensue….
  • Episode 8, “Fashion Victim ~ This episode features my favorite restaurant of all, set in a hotel famously loved by celebrities, in a room modeled after Versailles.  Where am I talking about??  The Restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse, set in Le Meurice Hotel.  This is where Sylvie meets with an old boss…
  • Episode 9, “Love is in the Air ~ Mid-way through this episode, the new agency meets at Le Grand Vefour: a beautiful restaurant set on the edge of Jardin du Palais-Royal.  Next up is a personal fave: the “Clocks” restaurant at the Musee d’Orsay!!  I love this place.  It’s technically called Cafe Campana, & it’s located at the top level of the museum.  Visiting is a Paris MUST!!
  • Episode 10, “Charade ~ Mindy & Emily start out the episode brunching at Chez Julien, a chic yet relaxed spot serving brunch & mains.  And most of the rest of the episode is filmed once again at Le Chateau de Sonnay, in the Loire Valley….

Emily in Paris Season 3 Dining Locations, Which Paris Museum to Visit? Girl Who Travels the World

The “Clocks” restaurant featured in Episode 9 is located in the Musee d’Orsay: Cafe Campana. I took this shot back in 2018..

“Emily in Paris” Season 3 Dining Locations

I hope you’ve found this article helpful!  I was dyinnngg to know where the beautiful restaurant in Episode 7 was filmed ~ & luckily it was easy to figure out that Le Meurice was it.  For more Emily-inspired French-spo, read about the gorgeous chateaux of the Loire Valley, or find out where my favorite Paris brunch spots are….

xoxo Noelia

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