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Iceland is one of the most unique countries I’ve ever been: it definitely can’t be mistaken for anywhere else (except maybe Greenland).  It’s a W-I-N-D-Y rock out in the middle of the ocean, & a trip there can be quite expensive, as most goods need to be imported.  But the extra expense brings you into a world of wintry & windy wonder!  Top highlights include: the world-famous hot, thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon; all of Iceland’s gorgeous, wintry waterfalls, including popular Gulfoss in the south, & ethereal Godafoss in the north. 

Iceland is also known for its epic road trips.  In order to get to the major sights, you’ll need to rent a car ~ or camper van!  With it, head to the country’s most famous circuit: the Golden Circle, where you’ll find Geysir & Gulfoss, among plenty of fascinating spots.  Then head to the otherworldly black-sand beaches of Vik, & past them, to Iceland’s #1 tourist attraction: stunning Jokulsarlon Glacier.  From there, continue on the Ring Road, which circles the entire country ~ or, head back to the country’s capital & nightlife epicenter, Reykjavik.  

Iceland Travel Overview!

  • Safety = #1 Safest Country in the World!! 99% 99%
  • Cost = Very Expensive!! 90% 90%
  • Outdoor Adventures = Abundant, but challenging weather 85% 85%
  • How Safe I Felt as a Solo Traveler = Very Safe 99% 99%
  • How Windy is Iceland? = 100% WINDY!! 100% 100%

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