Greece Travel Guide

Welcome to Greece!

Greece is a place that graces the cover of countless magazines & travel brochures, because, quite simply: it’s a place that makes people want to travel.  The Greek Islands in particular are undeniably photogenic.  Even the most novice photographer will come away with shots that could be on the cover of a travel magazine.  While Mykonos is known for its parties, & Santorini is a world-famous honeymoon spot: there are SO many more Greek Islands to choose from: Paros, Crete, Naxos….& the list goes on.  Because of this, no Greece travel is complete without traveling to at least one of its countless islands.

And then there’s mainland Greece, where you’ll find ruins from ancient Roman & Greek civilization, including shrines at Delphi & beyond where you can witness where Greek mythology was born.  Walking in Greece is like walking through history, starting right in Athens with the legendary Acropolis, which sits on a rocky hill, overlooking the city.  From there, make your way down a winding, Athens street & find a cozy, colorful bar to take a sip of limoncello.  

Greece is a feast for the senses, & the beautiful blue & white architecture of the Islands may just have you contemplating retiring here….which would be perfectly understandable.  So…let’s go to Greece…

Greece Travel Overview!

  • Safety = Watch for petty theft, especially in Athens; Greek Islands generally safe. 80% 80%
  • Cost = Expect cheaper prices than mainland Europe (England, France, etc.) 60% 60%
  • Adventures = Island & Water-based!!! 90% 90%
  • How Safe I Felt as a Female Traveler = Very Safe 90% 90%

Greece Travel Quick Facts!

  • Greece in One Word = Islands.
  • Greece in One More Word = History. 
  • Wi-Fi = Wi-Fi is may be spotty on some of the islands, but readily available in major cities on the mainland.
  • Global Peace Ranking = #73 out of 163 countries (U.S. is #103) = Relative to Western Europe, Greece ranks as statistically less safe.  More likelihood of petty crime.  Islands in general, though, are quite safe.
  • Hotels = Slightly cheaper than Western Europe & the U.S. 
  • Must-Do’s = Hop on a boat in the Mediterranean.  Party all night in Mykonos.  Watch sunset from the cliffs of Santorini.  Hire a charter with a group of friends.  See the Acropolis at sunrise.  Get lost in Athens.
  • Is Greece Good for Solo Travelers = Yes. Particularly on the islands.  Find the island that suits you best.
  • What to Expect as a Female Traveler = The Islands will generally be relaxing (some are very sleepy, some are more “party” islands) & you’ll be able to let your guard down; exercise more caution in Athens.  Keep an eye on valuables during any major boat crossings. 
  • Would I Go Back = Yes!!! I’ve already been twice, & I’d go back again & explore islands I didn’t get to & more of the archaeology on the mainland.