Best Stretches for Long Flights!

Maybe you’re flying from LA to Hong Kong ~ or worse, from LA to India!  Or maybe you’re flying all the way down to Chile to backpack in Patagonia, or Peru to trek Machu Picchu.  Or maybe, you’ve simply been sitting at your office desk for too many damn hours!?  

They say, sitting is the new killer.  Sitting too long = DEATH!  Or at the very least, restless leg syndrome.  

So let’s get right into it.  I was a fitness instructor & certified yoga teacher for years, & as such, have tried gazillions of workouts!  The two videos included in this post are the perfect antidote for a sore lower back, that usually occurs when we sit too long.  They’re quick, simple, & can be done with zero equipment ~ anywhere.  These are your best stretches for long flights!

 Boho Beautiful ~ 15 Mins

The workout below is a 15-minute yoga routine from Boho Beautiful, meant to be done after a long day at work, a long flight, or even for a hangover!  The routine is relatively simple, & though she gets into some more advanced moves, she offers modifications for inflexible people like myself!  This routine is one of the best stretches for long flights (before or after) ~ because it gives a great stretch for the back of the legs & low back.


If you find that any of the workout videos moves too fast for you ~ don’t worry, you can always slow it down.  On any YouTube video, go to “Settings” on the lower-right hand side of the screen, then push “Speed.”  Here, you can adjust the video to play at 0.75 or 0.5 its regular speed.  I like to do this on yoga videos especially, to allow more time to get into and hold certain stretches.

 Tone it Up ~ 12 Mins

When we sit for too long, it makes our hamstrings (back of the legs) quite tight.  This, in turn, can create a pulling sensation on the low back ~ one of the reasons that sitting for too long simply does not feel good.  I love the routine below because it specifically addresses the hamstrings ~ which are often neglected.  And the routine ends with low back work, which will help combat the effects of sitting for too long.  

And That’s It!

Simple, quick, and effective ~ that’s what these routines are meant to be!  Get into the habit of doing one or both of these routines when you get off the plane, & your body will feel SO much better.  Wherever you are, you’ll wake up the next day feeling more loose & limber, instead of achy & sore.  Which means, more ready for adventure!

Have you tried these routines?  Are you fans of Tone it Up & Boho Beautiful like I am ~ particularly if you’re a digital nomad & like to workout on-the-go?!  Let me know in the comments below, & I hope these routines help you get a great stretch after your next long flight.  Happy Travels!