Best Podcasts for Summer 2018 Road Trips

During the past four months, I’ve traveled from the bottom of South America, all the way back to the U.S. ~ via Patagonia, Peru, Colombia, & Chile!  I’ve been on overnight buses, countless road trips, & flights galore: & if I didn’t have a collection of kick-ass podcasts for these journeys, I would’ve pulled my hair out!  While on the road, I’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts ~ & I’m including the stand-outs here in this post.  Here are my picks: the “Best Podcasts for Summer 2018 Road Trips!” 

Best Podcasts for Summer 2018 Road Trips, Girl Who Travels the World

Get ready for your summer road trip & download these binge-worthy podcasts.

Best Podcasts for Summer 2018 Road Trips

1. Tony Robbins Interviewing Esther Perel, “Why People Cheat”

If you’ve never heard of Esther Perel, type her name into “Google” & you’ll come across her famous Ted Talks, with over 20 million views.  She’s the new “Dr. Ruth,” a Belgian relationship & sex expert who speaks more than nine languages, & who’s known for exploring the deep conflict between our need for security (love & belonging) versus our need for freedom, within the context of human relationships. 

In this two-part conversation with Tony Robbins, they discuss all aspects of intimate relationships, including our lack of romantic role models ~ as well as how to keep passion alive in long-term relationships.  Absolutely fascinating.

Perfect For: Anyone interested in improving the quality of their relationships. 

If You Like This: Read one of Esther’s books, “The State of Affairs” or “Mating in Captivity,” or listen to her podcast, “Where Should We Begin?”  In it, she takes you inside her couple’s counseling sessions.

2. Up & Vanished, True Crime Podcast

This podcast will keep you up at night.  And possibly, ALL NIGHT.  I listened to it in Salta, Argentina ~ & it kept me up until 5AM.  I’ve never binge-listened to anything like I binge-listened this!  If you want a podcast to keep you entertained on a long trip: this is it.  Film-maker Payne Lindsey decided to open up an unsolved case from his home state of Georgia.  Back in 2005, beauty queen & high school teacher, Tara Grinstead, “up & vanished” from her home late one night.  What Payne uncovers during his investigation is SHOCKING, & the story is told so well, it will keep you constantly guessing who did it ~ until the wee hours of the morning.

Perfect For: Anyone who loves mysteries, thrillers, & true crime stories that unfold in a serialized way.

If You Like This: You’ll love the podcast “Serial,” which is the original, blockbuster podcast ~ & also about a real-life murder mystery.

Best Podcasts for Summer 2018 Road Trips

3. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation with Brene Brown, “Daring Greatly”

Brene Brown, like Esther Perel, is a Ted Talk superstar.  Her talk entitled, “The Power of Vulnerability,” has more than seven million views, & opened up a national conversation about what it really means to be vulnerable.  This two-part talk with Oprah is a MUST LISTEN.  I listened to it on a rooftop in Buenos Aires this January, & afterwards, immediately sent it to five of my best friends.  So good: it needs to be shared.

Perfect For: Anyone interested in learning more about the power of vulnerability, & why vulnerability is not weakness ~ why it’s actually courage disguised.

If You Like This: Read one of Brene Brown’s books, which include “Daring Greatly,” “Braving the Wilderness,” “Rising Strong,” & “The Gifts of Imperfection.”

Best Podcasts for Summer 2018 Road Trips

4. Serial, The Original “Blockbuster” Podcast

If you’re one of the few people who hasn’t listened to “Serial,” it’s time to put your head phones on & settle in.  See if it doesn’t hook you.  I’d never listened to a podcast in my life, & right before a 20-hour drive, my friend Ashley said I had to check out “Serial.”  I downloaded it to my phone ~ & the rest is history.  Sarah Koenig investigates the 1999 murder of high school senior, Hae Min Lee.  The police said her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, did it.  Koenig investigates this baffling case, & tells the story in such a compelling way ~ you’ll be wondering if Syed did it after all.  And if he didn’t: who did?

Perfect For: Anyone who loves a good mystery.

If You Like This: You’ll enjoy “This American Life” & Payne Lindsey’s podcasts, like “Up & Vanished.”

Best Podcasts for Summer 2018 Road Trips

5. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation with Elizabeth Gilbert, “Your Life’s Calling”

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote the iconic 2006 book, “Eat, Pray, Love” ~ a book that encouraged women everywhere to take off & hit the open road.  Because women had been relegated to the home for so long, this book served as a catalyst, opening up long-buried female desires.  And in this talk, Gilbert delves deeper into these ideas: on women giving themselves “permission” to strike out & try something new; on there being few “heroic” models for women, as the “hero’s journey” has typically been male.  This is, most definitely, a conversation for women.

Perfect For: Women interested in becoming the heroine of their own lives.

If You Like This: You’ll probably love all of Oprah’s Super Soul conversations, or one of Gilbert’s many books.

6. Atlanta Monster, True Crime Podcast

This is another podcast by “Up & Vanished” creator, Payne Lindsey.  He tackles yet another mystery in his home state of Georgia, except this one deals with the early 1980’s, serial killings of more than 30 young, black children.  Prior to listening, I’d never heard anything about this story.  In digging into a decades-old case, Lindsey talks to TV reporters, relatives of victims, & even the man eventually convicted of the killings ~ who many still believe didn’t do it.  

Perfect For: Anyone who loves true crime, serialized story-telling combined with discussions of race.

If You Like This: You’ll love Payne’s other podcast, “Up & Vanished.”

Best Podcasts for Summer 2018 Road Trips

7. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation with Salma Hayek, “Making Peace with Yourself”

This conversation, between Oprah & Salma Hayek, is one that stuck with me for some time.  It’s a conversation for both men & women, & discusses the #MeToo movement, including Hayek’s deeply disturbing interactions with Harvey Weinstein.  She talks about why she waited to come forward, & the power that comes with finally speaking up.  This conversation is modern, relevant, & tackles head-on some very uncomfortable subjects ~ with humor & dignity.  

Perfect For: Anyone who wants to understand why women would not, or could not, stand up to an abuser (in Salma’s case, Harvey Weinstein) ~ & what ended up changing her mind.

If You Like This: Listen to Oprah’s Super Soul conversation with Reese Witherspoon & Mindy Kaling.  They tackle similar issues, including Reese’s experiences with violence & sexism in Hollywood.

8. Tim Ferriss Interviews Dr. Gabor Mate, “New Paradigms, Ayahuasca, & Redefining Addiction”

Tim Ferriss is my favorite current interviewer, & I believe his collection of 200+ podcasts contains the most wide-ranging, fascinating conversations that exist today.  This particular conversation fascinated me: as soon as it was over, I wanted to listen to it again.  The talk is deep, quite long (2+ hours), & goes into great detail about the nature & causes of addiction.  They even discuss potential healing powers of plant medicine, such as Ayahuasca.  I found it absolutely fascinating, & believe it could be helpful for anyone struggling with addiction or trauma.

Perfect For: Anyone struggling with addiction, ADHD, childhood or other trauma, who is interested in learning about its root causes & potential fixes.

If You Like This: You’ll enjoy Tim Ferriss’ other long-form, in-depth conversations with everyone from Tony Robbins to Katie Couric, Michael Pollan to Cheryl Strayed.

9. Tony Robbins Interviews Tim Ferriss, “Talking with Titans”

Though Tim Ferriss usually does the interviewing, the tables turn here: & he is interviewed by Tony Robbins.  The main reason I’m including this talk here is, it’s the first time I’ve heard Tim open up & discuss a particularly painful time in his life, during college, when he contemplated committing suicide.  He goes into depth discussing what caused this episode, & why he ended up not doing it (which is a hell of  a story).  Well worth a listen.

Perfect For: Anyone struggling with depression, thoughts of suicide, or who just wants to understand better what makes Tim Ferriss tick.

If You Like This: Both Tim Ferriss & Tony Robbins have extensive podcast collections with fascinating subjects.

Best Podcasts for Summer 2018 Road Trips

10. Oprah Super Soul Conversation with Maya Angelou, “9 Words That Changed Her Life”

Maya Angelou was a lifelong mentor for Oprah Winfrey, & in this conversation, you can see why: you feel their deep bond, share their laughter, & learn many pieces of wisdom that Maya has shared with Oprah over the years.  In a world filled with noise ~ this conversation is a breath of fresh air, & is a reminder of what’s most important: gratitude, love, friendship, & the belief in one’s self.

Perfect For: Anyone looking for wisdom, inspiration, & strength.

If You Like This: Read one of Maya Angelou’s or Oprah’s books.

Best Podcasts for Summer 2018 Road Trips

I hope you’ve enjoyed this inspired & curated collection of the best podcasts for summer 2018 road trips!  They’ve kept me entertained, enlightened, & educated for the past few months ~ & I hope they do the same for you.  Tell me your favorite in the comments below…

xoxo Noelia 

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