Best Places to Travel in June for Adventure!

This is the start of a series of articles, where I’ll list some of the best adventures to have around the world, for each month of the year!  Many people can only vacation during certain months.  And it’s great to know ahead of time what cool things are happening around the world (& where the weather is great), so that you can plan accordingly.  With June fast approaching, marking the start of the busy summer travel season, this article will list some of the “Best Places to Travel in June for Adventure!” 

Best Places to Travel in June, Girl Who Travels the World

Utah has FIVE National Parks, & June is the perfect month to visit them. Photo of Canyonlands National Park.

This article takes us from the National Parks in Utah, all the way down to Peru ~ then over to Europe for the Summer Solstice, yachting adventures in Croatia, & finally: to the epic Glastonbury Music Festival in England…

Enjoy Utah’s National Parks Before Summer…

America’s National Parks get crazy busy during the summer.  Especially uber-popular ones like Yosemite (I once got stuck in traffic there for THREE hours!!?!).  But if you venture out early in June, you’ll find a lot more serenity & availability when it comes to campsites & lodging, as long as you book in advance.  My top “National Parks” to visit in June are Utah’s gorgeous selection of five amazing National Parks.: Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands (by Arches), Capitol Reef (the least busy), & always-popular Zion.

  Try pairing Bryce Canyon & Zion National Park together if you have time ~ they’re only 150 miles apart, & the mild June weather is perfect for hiking & camping. 

Closest Airports to Bryce Canyon & Zion National Parks: Las Vegas (LAS) or Salt Lake City (SLC).

Best Places to Travel in June for Adventure, Girl Who Travels the World

One of the best places to travel in June is Utah’s most popular National Park: Zion. Photo taken on Canyon Overlook Trail.

Best Places to Travel in June for Adventure, Girl Who Travels the World

The otherworldly landscape of Bryce Canyon National Park.

On the east side of Utah, you’ve got even more options: Arches National Park & the highly underrated, Canyonlands.  I visited both during the same trip ~ as they’re only 30 miles apart; it’s an easy drive on open highway.  Adventure-mecca Moab lies between the two parks, & it’s a perfect place to base for visiting both parks. 

Eastern Utah is an outdoor-lover’s dream: filled with all kinds of camping, hiking, mountain biking, ATV’ing, & climbing adventures. 

Closest Airport to Arches & Canyonlands: Salt Lake City (SLC).

Best Places to Travel in June, Girl Who Travels the World

The author at Needles Overlook in Canyonlands National Park, at sunrise.

Best Places to Travel in June for Adventure, Girl Who Travels the World

Arches National Park by moonlight. If you want to stay overnight, reserve a spot at Devil’s Garden Campground ~ the only place to camp inside the park.  


***Remember: Father’s Day is in June ~ & exploring any one of these National Parks sounds a lot more fun than getting him another necktie!  If your Dad’s not into hiking & camping, try setting up a tee time at the Grand Tetons in Wyoming ~ the weather is crisp & beautiful in June.

Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

I’ve written about Peru extensively on this site, & when people ask me what my favorite South American country is, I always say: Peru.  It’s magical, it’s mysterious….& they’ve got some of the best food in the WORLD!!  And they have Machu Picchu too!  June marks the beginning of dry season in Peru, making it the perfect time to embark on an epic trek to Machu Picchu.  The Inca Trail is one way to go; or for even more spectacular scenery: take the Salkantay Trek

Bigger crowds descend on Machu Picchu in July & August ~ so June gives you the best of both worlds: less rain & less people. 

Closest Airport to Machu Picchu: Cusco International Airport (CUZ).

Best Places to Travel in June for Adventure, Girl Who Travels the World

Machu Picchu at sunrise.

Best Places to Travel in June for Adventure, Girl Who Travels the World

Only by making the Salkantay Trek, which takes 4-5 days, can you see this awesomely turquoise lake: Humantay.

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

One of the most significant events that takes place every June is Summer Solstice, which usually hits around June 21st.  It’s the longest day of the year, & there are many ways to celebrate it: by camping under the stars, or heading up to Norway to witness it at the top of the world.  Or, you can head to Stonehenge in England & see the sun rise through all three major stones at its site. 

You’ll be witnessing this phenomenon with thousands of visitors from around the world, making it a truly unique experience. 

Closest Major Airport to Stonehenge: Heathrow (LHR) or Gatwick International Airport (LGW) in London. 

Best Places to Travel in June for Adventure, Girl Who Travels the World

Thousands of people from around the world come to Stonehenge to witness sunrise on the Summer Solstice.


***Other Great Places in Europe to Celebrate the Solstice: Explore the fjords of Norway with TONS of daylight hours; head to Sweden where they revel in Midsummer-celebrations; check out Reykjavik’s Midsummer Music Festival; or visit the Tyrol region of Austria to watch the epic mountain bonfires they’ve been lighting since the Middle Ages, to celebrate the solstice.


Best Places to Travel in June for Adventure, Girl Who Travels the World

Witness the EPIC mountain fires that happen all around Innsbruck, Austria during the summer solstice!

Go Sailing in Croatia!!

When most people think of sailing through idyllic summer isles, Greece is often the popular choice.  But there’s another European destination with more than 1,000 islands: Croatia.  I visited Dubrovnik & Hvar Island at the end of June, & it was one of my favorite weeks ever.  Weather was perfect (not too hot, not too cold), water was clear & gorgeous, we crashed several “Yacht Week” parties (& met tons of cool people), we danced until the wee hours, & then walked back to our affordable oceanfront Airbnb without needing jackets. 

In essence: it was perfect. 

Croatia is one of my favorite European countries, & June is the perfect time to visit.  July & August see massive crowds, & popular islands can feel over-crowded.

Best Airports to Fly Into for Croatia Adventures: Dubrovnik (DBV) or Split (SPU) ~ both are located right on the coast.

Best Places to Travel in June for Adventure, Girl Who Travels the World

Late June is one of the BEST times to visit Croatia: it’s warm ~ & there are some tourists, but not too many yet.

Go to the Glastonbury Music Festival

Two of our “Best Places to Travel in June” just happen to be in England…& virtually in the same region ~ which is a total coincidence!  But the world-famous Glastonbury Music Festival is a once-a-year kind of thing…it’s basically the “Coachella of Europe.”  It usually takes place during the last weekend of June. 

If you’re young (or young in spirit) & love music, this festival is something you should visit at least once in your lifetime. 

Just make sure to bring mud boots.

Best Airports to Fly Into for Glastonbury: London.

Best Places to Visit in June for Adventure, Girl Who Travels the World

Glastonbury is a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list experience.


xoxo Noelia 

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