Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Carmel!

Carmel is one of my favorite places in the world.  Within twenty miles, you’ve got the gorgeous coastal towns of Monterey, Pacific Grove (with its cute, Victorian-vibe), & the soaring views of Big Sur.  Not to mention, the “17-Mile Drive” & golfer’s paradise: Pebble Beach, with its many luxury resorts.  And luckily for dog-owners, the entire Monterey Peninsula is extremely pet-friendly!  You’ve got dog-friendly, off-leash beaches & coastal paths galore.  In this post, we’ll take a look at the best pet-friendly hotels in Carmel & Monterey… 

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Carmel & Monterey, Girl Who Travels the World

My dog, Dylan, playing & running with his new friends on Carmel’s Main Beach.

Map of Carmel Hotels

On the map below, you’ll find all my top picks for the best pet-friendly hotels in Carmel & Monterey.  Our search will take us from Carmel’s quaint village, into warmer Carmel Valley ~ before heading to downtown Monterey & legendary Pebble Beach.

Casa Munras

Cypress Inn

Carmel Valley Lodge

Inn at Spanish Bay

Hofsas House

Carmel Fireplace Inn

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Carmel!

First, let’s head to downtown Carmel for our first two hotels: 1) Doris Day’s Cypress Inn, & 2) The Hofsas House Hotel.  In a pet-friendly town, the Cypress Inn bills itself as one of THE most pet-friendly hotels in town!  Founded by actress Doris Day, the Cypress Inn welcomes pets of all sizes.  And with its perfect location downtown, you can simply walk out the door & head to shops or restaurants…with your pup, of course.  Rooms are elegant & upscale, with a clean design, & lots of white (how they keep them so spotless ~ I don’t know)!  The Cypress Inn is ideal for the more discerning guest, who still enjoys a boutique experience. 

Cypress Inn = $279+/night, $30 Pet Fee

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Carmel & Monterey, Girl Who Travels the World, Cypress

Founded by Doris Day, the Cypress Inn is one of Carmel’s most elegant & pet-friendly hotels!

The Hofsas House

Another one of the best pet-friendly hotels in Carmel is just a few streets over from the Cypress Inn: the European-inspired Hofsas House.  Where the Cypress Inn is more elegant, the Hofsas House is a little quirkier. Each room is decorated differently, many with fireplaces, & they have more of an old-fashioned feel; it’s a bit like you’re stepping back in time.  Not everyone likes this ~ but I happen to love it!  Many of their rooms offer incredible views towards the ocean, & they also have a pool & sauna.  If you don’t like old-fashioned though, head elsewhere!

Hofsas House Hotel = $119+/night, $30 Pet Fee

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Carmel Valley!

Getting too chilly by the sea?  Head inland about five miles, & you’ll reach the much-sunnier Carmel Valley.  When the coast is socked in with fog (typical, even during summer), you can count on Carmel Valley to be about ten degrees warmer & sunny!  Out here, you’ve got three very high-end, pet-friendly hotels: 1) Carmel Valley Ranch ($380+/night), 2) Quail Lodge & Golf Club ($257+/night), & 3) Bernardus Lodge & Spa ($305+/night).  They’re all quite spendy ~ but the good news: they’re highly-rated, full of amenities (including golf & spas), & very pet-friendly.  

Best Off-Leash Dog Area in Carmel Valley = Take your pup to Garland Ranch Regional Park.  It’s not by the ocean, but there are TONS of trails & plenty of sunshine ~ your dog will be so happy!!

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Carmel & Monterey, Girl Who Travels the World

Gorgeous, peaceful views from the Carmel Valley Ranch.

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Carmel & Monterey, Girl Who Travels the World

Dylan enjoying the sunshine & soft, wide trails of Garland Ranch Regional Park.

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Monterey!

Carmel too pricey for you?  Then head to slightly less expensive Monterey ~ right next door.  Monterey is known for its famed (& touristy) Cannery Row, home of the epic Monterey Bay Aquarium.  And right downtown, lies my favorite pet-friendly hotel in Monterey: Casa Munras Garden Hotel & Spa.  Set on sprawling grounds with lush greenery, rooms have been newly renovated with hard-wood floors, modern bathrooms, & cozy fireplaces for cool nights.  When Dylan & I arrived, we had dog food, dog toys (Mr. Monkey!), & all kinds of treats waiting for him.  They definitely know how to shower your pup with love. 

Best Dog Walk Close By = Head to Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove, & walk with your pup along the GORGEOUS paved path for miles in either direction!


Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Carmel & Monterey, Girl Who Travels the World

Head to Pacific Grove & walk for miles & miles along the coast, with views like this at every turn…

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels by Pebble Beach!

Our final stop on this pet-friendly tour of Carmel, takes us behind the gates of the legendary “17-Mile Drive,” & into the resorts of Pebble Beach.  Besides iconic viewpoints & world-class golf, you’ve also got two world-class, pet-friendly resorts: 1) The Lodge at Pebble Beach ($900+/night), & 2) The Inn at Spanish Bay ($790+/night).  The bad news is: both resorts are CRazy expensive!!  Pet fees will run you $100/night.  But the goods news is (if you can afford it): there’s no place on earth like it.  And if you love to golf, then this is mecca for you…so it may be worth a big splurge. 

My biggest issue with Pebble Beach though, besides the hefty price tag, is how far removed it is from both Carmel & Monterey.  I prefer to stay where I can easily walk to shops & restaurants ~ & you can’t do that at Pebble Beach.

Best Dog Walk Close By = Explore the 17-Mile Drive with your pup, & get out at all the great viewpoints!

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Carmel & Monterey, Girl Who Travels the World, Bagpiper

Meet the legendary bagpiper at the Inn at Spanish Bay, who plays nightly on the patio (pooches welcome)!

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Carmel!