Best Natural Beauty Products for Travel

If you’re a girl who loves to travel, & you love natural beauty products: this article is for you!  I’ve traveled all over the world, & organic beauty products are hard to find in ANY country ~ but especially in developing countries.  Though I love to pack light, I don’t skimp when it comes to my specialized beauty products: because I’ve found they simply don’t exist in many countries.  Thus, welcome to your “Best Natural Beauty Products for Travel” article, that will break down my favorite travel go-to’s.  

Best Natural Beauty Products for Travel, Girl Who Travels the World

Keep it clean & natural while traveling…

I’m breaking natural beauty products down into four different categories here: 1) Natural Sunscreens, 2) Organic Skin Care, 3) Natural Perfumes, & 4) Natural Hair Care

Best Natural Sunscreens for Travel

For sunscreen, I’m a huge fan of zinc oxide & titanium dioxide: both are physical blockers that start working instantly, & are the only truly “natural” sunscreen ingredients.  Most sunscreens rely on chemicals such as oxybenzone & octinoxate, which block the sun by creating a chemical reaction in your body, potentially disrupting hormones.  Personally, I avoid chemical sunscreens like the plague.  

ALL sunscreens below use ONLY zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.  

If you can’t eat it ~ don’t put it on your skin!

Elta Md Tinted Sunscreen 

Face Sunscreen SPF 50

Organic Sunscreen Stick ~ SPF 30

Best Natural Skin Care for Travel

I could spend hours in the Whole Foods beauty section…I ADORE natural skin care products!  The following are tops on my list because they’re nearly impossible to find on the road.  Stocking up on Amazon before a trip is a must.  

If you’re new to organic skin care, don’t think you have to give up performance.  Growing up, I had oily, acne-prone skin & used all the “regular” products ~ most of which were oil-free.  NONE of this helped.  What did help?  USING OIL!!  It’s counter-intuitive, but for me, has worked wonders.  Jojoba oil is one of the best oils you can use ~ that has the same pH as your skin & won’t go on greasy.

Travel Size 4-Pack

Best Night Cream

Pure Jojoba Oil

Best Day Cream w/SPF 15

20% Vitamin C Serum

Best Natural Glycolic

Best Natural Perfumes for Travel

Perfume, by its very nature, is filled with chemicals.  Finding a “natural” perfume is difficult, & the only brand I’ve ever found (& fallen in love with), is Pacifica.  Their perfumes won’t last as long as department store perfumes.  But the trade-off is, you won’t be covering yourself with chemicals.  Pacifica’s range of scents is INCREDIBLE ~ & they give you that tropical, vacation vibe.  

Smell Like Warm Vanilla…

Smell Like Tropical Paradise…

Smell Like a Fresh-Squeezed Orange…

Best Natural Hair Care for Travel

Our “Best Natural Beauty Products for Travel” wouldn’t be complete without hair care.  For organic hair care, there are two words: Shea Moisture.  Their products smell amazing, feel amazing, & somehow manage to keep my blonde hair healthy ~ minus chemicals.

Best for Curly Hair

Best Intense Hydration