Best Luggage for Female Travelers

Since I basically live out of a suitcase 24/7/365, I figure I’m a good candidate to write about the “Best Luggage for Female Travelers!”  I’ve got plenty of experience with luggage.  When I travel internationally (usually for 4-6 months at a time), I ONLY travel with one hard-shell rolling bag & a large backpack.  That’s IT!!!  I teased my friend Eileen when she joined me in Colombia this year: for a two-week trip, she brought two HUGE bags & a large duffel!!  I almost fell over when I saw her, I was laughing so hard! 

Best Luggage for Female Travelers, Girl Who Travels the World

The road lies before us…it’s time to pack light + be ready for adventures…

So in this post, I’ll steer you towards some luggage that will be: 1) Durable, 2) Attractive, & 3) Affordable.  Though it can be hard to do, packing light is ALWAYS the way to go!!!  Believe me, I’ve learned the hard way & left stuff all over the globe…

**Author’s Note: Article updated as of December 2022.

 Best Rolling Luggage for Women

We’re starting off with luggage that rolls…which is exactly what every international, jet-setting woman of mystery needs!  My top choices are below…

Hardside Black


Easy to Spot at Airport


Nicole Miller


Best Weekend Luggage for Women

If you’re just headed out for the weekend, & quickly want to throw some clothes in a tote ~ check out the selections below….meant for short trips & light packing.

Nicole Miller, Rolling Overnight Bag


Striped Weekender


Frye Leather Bag


Best Luggage for Female Travelers

Thanks for reading about the best luggage for female travelers.  What kind of bags do you use more often ~ rolling bags, duffel bags, or backpacks?  Let me know in the comments below…

xoxo Noelia

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