Best Free At-Home Cardio Workouts!

Few things feel better than to REALLY get my heart pumping with a great cardio session.  Since I stopped running years ago (because it just doesn’t feel good to my knees anymore), I needed to search out & find different ways of getting cardio in.  And during the last year, when gyms have been shut down ~ or if you’re in the midst of a dreary winter somewhere in the world, it’s helpful to know that hundreds of fantastic cardio workout can be found right online.  Below, I’ve listed my personal round-up of the “Best FREE At-Home Cardio Workouts,” ALL of which can be streamed on YouTube. 

So as long as you have an internet connection & a little bit of space….you’re good to go!

Best FREE At-Home Cardio Workouts, Girl Who Travels the World

You DON’T need to run outside to get your cardio in! Try some of these AMAZING (& free!) cardio workouts right in your own home…

Best Free Cardio Workouts on YouTube

1. Rachel Gulotta

If I could pick only ONE person’s cardio workouts to do for the rest of my life: I’d pick Rachel Gulotta’s.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVVEEE her cardio videos….& for several reasons.  1) The video quality is of the highest caliber; 2) She offers modified moves for pretty much every exercise ~ & splits the screen so that you can see both the “harder” move & the “modified” one; 3) She gives 15 & 30-second breaks throughout the video, with beautiful, natural landscapes as the background ~ & if you’re doing high-intensity moves like she is, breaks are ESSENTIAL; & 4) Her music is exceptionally good. 

Plus, she doesn’t talk a lot ~ which is a personal preference thing, but I prefer listening to music rather than someone talking.

If You Have 30 Minutes….Try this Video….it’s My #1 FAVORITE Cardio Workout!

If You Have 45 Minutes….Try this One….

If You Only Have 10 Minutes….Try this Short but Sweet Video….

2. Pamela Reif

Similar to Rachel Gulotta, Pamela Reif doesn’t talk a lot in her videos.  She has a HUGE selection of videos, & if you enjoy dance cardio ~ she has a large collection of fun dance workouts, set to GREAT music…her workouts go by quickly.  Particularly if you live in an apartment & can’t jump around too much (due to downstairs neighbors), she offers you a lot of ways to get your cardio in without jumping.

If You Only Have 10 Minutes & NO Equipment….Try this Video….

If You Live in an Apartment OR Don’t Want to Jump….Try this Video….

If You Just Want to DANCE Around for 10 Minutes….Try this One….


Best Cardio + Leg Workouts on YouTube

3. Rebecca Louise & Blogilates = PEPPY!!

Rebecca Louise is one of my favorite YouTube workout gals: she has over 600 videos to choose from (most of which are 10 minutes), & her PEPPY style will get you through the workout with a smile on your face.  Her “Legs + Cardio” video below is set on a hilltop in Santorini & is gorgeousss….a big plus is that she often films workouts in exotic locations around the world.  And she has several heart-pumping kickboxing workouts ~ one of the best is linked below. 

Blogilates is a new find for me on YouTube, & similar to Rebecca Louise….she’s veryyyy PEPPY!  Her workouts go by quickly, & I love how she details the moves first ~ then jumps you into the workout.  She typically repeats the same moves in two or three sets, so if you’d rather keep mixing it up: stick with Rachel Gulotta’s workouts (above).

If You Want to Work Your Legs & Get Cardio in with Views of Santorini, Greece….Try this Video….!!!

If You Like to Get Your Cardio by BOXING….Try this Video….

For a SUPER-Efficient 20-Minute Legs + Cardio Workout….Try this Video….

If You Want to LIFT Your BOOTY + Get Cardio….Try this Video….

Best Free At-Home Cardio Workouts

Other good ways to get cardio in at home: grab a jump rope & head outside; jump on a mini-trampoline ~ even 10 minutes is a great little workout, & great for your circulation & lymphatic system.  If you find that your back or knees are bothering you at all, try modifying moves: & also make sure that you’ve changed your tennis shoes within 3-6 months (depending how active you are). 

And if you’re looking for some of THE BEST, buttery-soft, better-than-Lululemon leggings: check out these ones on Amazon.  They are soooo soft & yet stay up & in place while your heart is pumping with all that cardio…

xoxo Noelia 

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