Best Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility ~ Video

This post is near & dear to my heart (& hips).  After spending the last three years living out of a suitcase, & the last six months in South America ~ making my way up from the bottom of the earth in Patagonia all the way back up to North America….it’s safe to say: my hips are a little tight!  And following the last leg of my trip, a 2,000-mile road trip from California up to Bend, Oregon ~ my hips felt like those of a 90-year old.  No bueno!!  Fortunately, my friend Mike is a trainer at the Bend Athletic Club, & in this post, we’ll cover three of the best exercises to improve hip mobility. 

And you can do these exercises with him in a short, 8-minute video below!

Best Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility, Girl Who Travels the World

Mike & I are on the left, after playing a round of golf with friends in Bend.

These three exercises are valuable for virtually anyone to do ~ not just travelers.  If your job has you sitting most of the day, or you’re in the car frequently: chances are, you have tight hips.  Even if you’re an athlete, & consider yourself a “fit” person ~ it’s possible that your hips may be just as tight!  Many of Mike’s clients are avid cyclists, & because they’re in a static position for so long, this can often lead to extremely tight hips.

 Best Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility ~ Video

There are only three exercises in this video ~ & unlike many other hip mobility videos, they require ZERO equipment.  Meaning: you can do them anytime, anywhere.  And ANYONE can do them: it does not matter your fitness level.  Ideally, you’ll be slightly warmed up before performing the exercises, in order to maximize flexibility. 

These three exercises are part of the “90/90” hip mobility sequence.  

Video Length = 8 minutes 

 Breakdown of Hip Exercises

Minutes 1:00-3:00 = Short explanation of why these exercises are important, & how tight hips can potentially create low back pain, as well as knee issues. 

Minutes 3:00-4:00 = Proper set-up of the “90/90” position, with correct, upright posture. 

Best Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility, Girl Who Travels the World

Mike demonstrates the correct set-up of the “90/90” position, with nice, upright posture.

Move #1 = Minutes 4:00-5:30 = Move back leg from the “90/90” position, all the way to the front, for a hamstring stretch ~ & then back to original position, in a slow, controlled manner (no fast movements). 

Best Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility, Girl Who Travels the World

In Move #1, Mike takes his back leg & brings it all the way forward, in a slow, controlled motion.

Move #2 = Minute 5:30-6:40 = Move the front leg from the “90/90” position to an outstretched position in front, for a hamstring stretch, then bring back to its original position (slow & controlled). 

Move #3 = Minute 6:40-8:00 = In the “90/90” position, with good, upright posture ~ put your left leg in forward position, then place your right hand on left ankle, & left hand on the ground (for slight support).  Don’t place too much weight on your hands.  Leaning slightly forward, & with the back foot flexed, lift the back leg no more than an inch off the ground, then lower.  Do this five times on each side.

Best Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility, Girl Who Travels the World

In Move #3, Mike takes his back leg & lifts it slightly off the ground (about one INCH), with a flexed foot. This move is HARDER than it looks! (He is also pointing, in this photo, to the spot on the hip that is activated by this move.)

Best Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility

I hope you’ve found these “Best Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility” helpful, whether you’re someone who’s on the go a lot like myself, traveling in tight quarters ~ or whether your job requires a lot of sitting, & has caused your hips to tighten up.  Big thank-you to Mike Lena of the Bend Athletic Club for showing us these exercises!  How did they work out for you?  Let us know in the comments below!

xoxo Noelia & Mikey

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