Best Brunch Spots in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon has had a rough year.  I mean, we’ve all had a rough year: but Portland has had a REALLY rough year, for many reasons.  And many of Portland’s amazing restaurants have had to shut down, either permanently (such as Isabel’s, Toro Bravo, & Meriwether’s) or temporarily (Mother’s), in response to these issues.  But the forgotten truth is: Portland is a glorious, food-lover’s haven, & in my ongoing effort to spotlight great restaurants around the globe ~ I wanted to highlight something that Portland really does right: & that is brunch.  Here are some of the best brunch spots in Portland, Oregon…

**Author’s Note: Article updated as of December 2022.

Best Brunch Spots in Portland, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the WorldMother’s is a downtown Portland INSTITUTION for brunch! Note; it’s temporarily closed, but does plan to re-open.

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Best Brunch Spots Downtown

I’m organizing this Portland brunch tour by section of town, starting with downtown, which encompasses Northwest, the Pearl District, & true downtown (where the high-rises are).  Note: if any restaurants are currently shut down but have plans to re-open, I’ll note that. 

1. Mother’s Bistro

When I think of Portland brunch: Mother’s is the first place that comes to mind.  If you have friends or family coming into town & want to show off, you take them to Mother’s.  With its chandeliers, draping ferns, & delicious comfort food (breakfast is their specialty): you have everything you need at Mother’s for a great brunch spot.  The downsides: there’s no outdoor patio & almost always a wait here. 

Note: Mother’s is temporarily closed until further notice, even for take-out & delivery.

Best Brunch Spots in Portland, Oregon, Girl WHo Travels the World

Mother’s is the classic downtown brunch spot, but lacks an outdoor patio & always has a wait. But is it worth it?? YES!!

2. Cheryl’s on 12th

This place is happening.  Like Mother’s, there’s usually a wait (unless you get here early or in the afternoon), but they typically get through it pretty quick ~ & they’ve added outdoor, heated cabanas this year!  The reason Cheryl’s is so popular for brunch is because they serve breakfast every day until 4PM.  YUMMM.  So even the late-risers have a chance here.  Decor is upscale urban, & they’re right on the corner of 12h & Washington with friendly umbrellas, making them hard to miss.

Best Brunch Spots in Lake Oswego, Girl Who Travels the World

Cheryl’s on 12th is a friendly, buzzy place to enjoy breakfast EVERY day of the week in Portland…

3. Brix Tavern (Pearl District)

When you have a big group ready for a rowdy Sunday brunch: head to Brix.  Their HUGE indoor space lends itself to large parties, & this place gets packed on the weekends.  It can definitely be a “scene,” so dress accordingly.  I can’t count how many times I’ve been here on a cold, rainy day sipping Spanish coffees with friends.  Brix’s near-perfect location in the Pearl District makes it the place where everybody somehow just ends up at.  They also have a few outdoor tables.

Best Brunch Spots in Lake Oswego, Girl Who Travels the World

Brix in the Pearl District is a SCENE…in a good way! Their huge indoor dining area makes it perfect for large parties…but it’s not exactly intimate.

4. Papa Haydn (Northwest)

If you’re looking for a little more intimate & romantic than Brix: head over to NW 23rd (my favorite street in Portland) to Papa Haydn’s.  Though they’re currently only offering take-out & delivery, they have a lovely corner location with outdoor seating ~ great for people-watching.  Food is delicious & the atmosphere is upscale French bistro, in an accessible way.  They also have a location in Sellwood which has patio seating available right now.

Best Brunch Spots in Lake Oswego, Girl Who Travels the World

Papa Haydn’s on 23rd is one of the classiest spots on this list.

5. Besaw’s (Northwest)

Besaw’s is arguably the most popular brunch spot in NW Portland: get ready to wait!  They’re currently offering outdoor dining on their heated patio, as well as take-out & delivery.  They’re known for brunch & serve it ALL DAY, making them a go-to in the breakfast space.  Cocktails are also delicious….& yes, you can get a great Spanish coffee here!

Best Brunch Spots in Lake Oswego, Girl Who Travels the World

Besaw’s is eclectic & known for GREAT breakfasts with a nice outdoor dining area.

6. Stepping Stone Cafe (Northwest)

This is more like an old-school diner: don’t expect fancy, just good, greasy breakfast food!  Open 7AM-3PM daily, they’re known primarily for breakfast, & this is a good spot to go when you just want an unpretentious breakfast joint to roll into.

Best Brunch Spots in Lake Oswego, Girl Who Travels the World

Stepping Stone Cafe in NW Portland is really the only true old-school “diner” on this list.

Best Brunch Spots on East Side

7. Screen Door Restaurant

Screen Door is arguably the most popular breakfast spot on the East Side, with its unique Southern & Cajun influence.  They’re currently only open for take-out, but let some of these breakfast items stoke your fancy: praline bacon, crispy fried oysters, bananas foster French toast, fried chicken, Eggs Benedict.  Bottom Line: Come here when you’re HUNGRY!!  This is good old-fashioned Southern cooking at its best.

Best Brunch Spots in Portland, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

Decadent, delicious, mouth-watering fare like this is what makes Screen Door one of the most popular breakfast spots on the East Side.

8. Jam on Hawthorne

The name kind of says it all: this is a breakfast joint!  And vegan-friendly to boot.  With daily hours from 8AM-1PM, you can get your breakfast on every day of the week here.  Like Screen Door, they’re only open for take-out right now, but when they re-open ~ Hawthorne is one of THE most fun streets in Portland, jam-packed with cool bars & restaurants, movie theaters, & shops.  This is a great place to come check out the true Portland vibe….& consider taking home Jam’s cute Bloody Mary or Mimosa “Kits.”

Best Brunch Spots in Portland, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

Jam on Hawthorne is vegan-friendly with a large, open space. Hours are 8AM-1PM daily.

9. Little Griddle

Just off NE Fremont St. sits the Little Griddle, a charming little breakfast spot with a killer menu.  Open 9AM-2PM daily, they’re only offering curbside pick-up right now.  But, as breakfast is ALL they do ~ this is a great spot to get your breakfast fix in….every day of the week! 

Check out their “To-Gosa’s,” aka To-go Mimosas….

Best Brunch Spots in Portland, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

Little Griddle leaves me with just one word: YUMMMMM.

10, 11, & 12. Petite Provence, Proud Mary Coffee, & Pine State Biscuits (Alberta)

I’m lumping these three restaurant together because they’re literally all in a row on the very hip Alberta Street.  If one is too busy or has a wait: simply head on down the street!  Petite Provence has a French bistro vibe, is open from 8AM-3PM daily, & is currently open for take-out, dine-in, & delivery.  Proud Mary is known for their killer coffee & smoothies, plus breakfast, with daily hours from 8AM-4PM ~ open for take-out & delivery right now.  Pine State has got comfort food galore & is open for take-out & outdoor dining.

Best Brunch Spots in Portland, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

If you’re coming to Pine State Biscuits: be ready to EAT!!! Hearty portions here…

Best Breakfasts Around Town

There’s more to Portland than just downtown & the East Side.  To that end, here are my favorite breakfast spots all around town…. 

  • Best Greasy Spoon in South Waterfront: Hands-down, the legendary Buffalo Gap.  When you’re hungover, there’s NO better place to go for breakfast than Buffalo Gap ~ their portions are huge, food is unfussy, greasy, & good.
  • Best Breakfast Spot in Sellwood: Head to Grand Central Bakery or good old-fashioned Bertie Lou’s Cafe.
  • Best Breakfast Spot in Multnomah Area: Check out Maplewood Coffee & Tea for cozy brunch vibes with great coffee.
  • Best Breakfast Spots in Lake Oswego: There are two MAJOR breakfast institutions in Lake Oswego (that I know very well): La Provence & Babica Hen’s. Both are on Boone’s Ferry Road & I love everything about these cozy breakfast spots….delicious!  And always busy.

Best Brunch Spots in Lake Oswego, Girl Who Travels the World

One of the best things about La Provence in Lake Oswego is not only their delicious food ~ but also their HUGE outdoor seating area!

Best Brunch Spots in Portland

What great PDX brunch spots have I missed??  Add to the conversation in the comment section below!  And if you know of any other great Portland restaurants that have shut down permanently, please let me know in the comments.

xoxo Noelia

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