Best Boutique Hotels in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires can be a difficult city to get a handle on, as it’s HUGE & seems to sprawl in every direction.  And each neighborhood has its own, distinctive flair (which I’ll break down below).  One way to make the city feel less overwhelming is to choose a hotel that’s more intimate than a chain, in a neighborhood that suits your personality.  Enter: Boutique Hotels.  They have more quirk & charm than luxury hotels, & typically a more personal feel ~ which helps make the city seem friendlier & less intimidating.  Here, we’ll break down the best boutique hotels in Buenos Aires, filled with charm & style! 

Definition of a Boutique Hotel = A small, stylish hotel, typically situated in a fashionable urban area.

Best Boutique Hotels in Buenos Aires, Girl Who Travels the World

The Mine Hotel in Buenos Aires’ trendy Palermo district is one of the city’s quintessential boutique hotels.

Overview of Buenos Aires Neighborhoods

For great boutique hotels in each neighborhood: simply click on the name of the neighborhood below, & it will take you to one of my favorites….

Exploring the San Telmo Market in Buenos Aires, Girl Who Travels the World

San Telmo was one of my favorite neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, with lots of charm & this famous Sunday market!

  • Palermo = Trendy & chic, & where the majority of international visitors stay. Lots of hip restaurants, nightlife, & shopping. 
  • Recoleta = The “Rodeo Drive” of Buenos Aires, where all the luxury, 5-star hotels are (Taylor Swift stays here when in town) ~ plus, the very famous Recoleta Cemetery. 
  • Puerto Madero = Modern, sleek, & the newest part of town: right on the waterfront.
  • San Telmo = The most historic & eclectic part of town, with cobble-stone streets & the famous Sunday Market on Defensa Street. 
  • Almagro = Central Buenos Aires, more commercial & with the highest-density population. 
  • La Boca = Working class barrio, & home of the massive soccer stadium ~ as well as daytime tango shows.  Due to safety concerns, not my pick for hotel stays: visit here in the daytime only. 
  • Retiro = Home to Plaza San Martin, Retiro is a great walking district, & quieter than Palermo or San Telmo.  Filled with art galleries, cafes, & four-star hotels.
Cassa Lepage Art Hotel, Best Boutique Hotels in Buenos Aires, Girl Who Travels the World

Cassa Lepage Art Hotel is a GREAT central choice for a boutique hotel stay in Buenos Aires….

Map of Buenos Aires Hotels

As you can see from the map, many of Buenos Aires’ boutique hotels reside in fashionable Palermo.  Which makes sense, as boutiques perfectly fit the area’s hip vibe.  Recoleta is almost exclusively luxury hotels, like the Four Seasons, so you won’t find many boutiques here…but you will in neighboring Retiro. 

I stayed at the Moreno Hotel Buenos Aires ($55+) in San Telmo, which is the least expensive hotel on this list ~ & the only one in historic San Telmo, which is home to the amazing Sunday Market: a weekly can’t-miss event in Buenos Aires.

The Glu Boutique Hotel ($177)

Mine Hotel ($118)

Hotel Grand Brizo Buenos Aires ($82)

Casa Umare ($124)

Carles Hotel ($95)

Ilum Experience Home ($134)

Palo Santo Hotel ($144)

Home Hotel ($176)

Fierro Hotel Buenos Aires ($188)

Casa Calma Hotel ($144)

Moreno Hotel Buenos Aires ($55)

Best Boutique Hotels in Buenos Aires

The main thing to decide when choosing a hotel in Buenos Aires is to first decide which neighborhood sounds best, & then pick a hotel there.  Each area is big enough to provide hours of walking entertainment.  For luxury-lovers, head to Recoleta.  If faded grandeur & historic sights, book stores, & underground jazz clubs are your thing: San Telmo is for you.  For the hippest restaurants & tons of people out on the streets at night, Palermo is by far your best choice.  If modern is your vibe, then Puerto Madero is where you’ll want to go. 

You can scroll through the boutique hotels shown below & see if there’s one that strikes your fancy….


Best Boutique Hotels in Buenos Aires

That’s a wrap on the best boutique hotels in Buenos Aires!  Which neighborhood sounds like the most fun to you?  And do you prefer chain hotels or boutiques? 

Let me know in the comments below…

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