Best At-Home Workouts to Do in Quarantine!

While we’re all stuck at home for the foreseeable future, the silver lining is: we have PLENTY of time to workout!!  I’ve heard people lament that they can’t go to the gym, but the truth is ~ you can easily create a home gym with just a set of weights & a yoga mat.  And that beautiful resource called YouTube has literally thousands….or rather, millions of FREE workouts to choose from!  In this article, the “Best At-Home Workouts to Do in Quarantine,” I’m breaking down some of my favorites that can be streamed right from home.

Best At-Home Workouts to Do in Quarantine, Girl Who Travels the World

Before becoming a travel writer, I led a women’s bootcamp in Lake Oswego, Oregon for many years ~ so I am VERY used to doing workouts at home as research!

Best Free Workouts on YouTube

1. Rebecca Louise

Rebecca Louise has nearly 600,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel & over 600 videos!!!!  Yes, you read that right: over 600 videos: she could keep you busy for a lifetime!!  During this quarantine, she’s been one of my favorite discoveries, & I especially love her arm & ab workouts.  Another thing I love: her workouts are long enough for you to actually feel the burn; a lot of YouTubers throw up 5-minute videos ~ but Rebecca’s are usually 15-minutes or longer….which allows for a better workout. 

Rebecca’s style is PEPPY & motivational (think of her like a modern-day Denise Austin), & her Australian accent is a bonus.  Check out the Intense Arm Workout below, & if you enjoy it: follow her on YouTube to access 600+ more workouts!!

2. Holly Dolke

If peppy isn’t your style & you prefer a more mellow approach: look up Holly Dolke on YouTube.  She doesn’t talk much in her videos (similar to Tracy Anderson), but HOT DAMN are her workouts effective!!!  Her Intense Flat Stomach video below has over 5.5 million views, & 187,000 LIKES!!?  After doing it the first time, my abs hurt SO bad the next day it felt like I’d been punched in the gut….which is great!  She incorporates moves I’ve never seen, so as a former trainer: I really appreciate her ingenuity. 

Like Rebecca Louise, Holly has also offered a 30-day “Quarantine Challenge” series of videos, which are a mix of abs, legs, & cardio.

3. Boho Beautiful, for Yoga & Meditation

For yoga, pilates, & meditation: there’s no one better on YouTube than Boho Beautiful.  Their workouts are shot outside, in beautiful locales around the world, & their videos have been watched nearly 200 million times!!  Juliana, who leads the workouts, is a former dancer: her soothing voice & statuesque form make doing her videos a pleasure.  And the fact that they are free, & have such a high-production value, is truly a gift. 

Try the relaxing yin yoga practice below, in times when you really need to de-stress & relax.

Best Workout Video Collections

If you don’t feel like going on YouTube & piecing together a bunch of 15-minute workouts, the alternative is to purchase a workout collection that tells you exactly what to do.  The best are: 1) Autumn Calabrese’s 21-Day Fix, 2) Shaun T’s T-25 Program, 3) Anything by Jillian Michaels, & 4) Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis

21-Day Fix is a great, basic weight-training & portion control program ~ perfect for beginners.  Shaun T. is more intense & better for advanced exercisers.  Jillian Michaels offers a huge range of videos, with modifications in all of them, so beginners & advanced will both benefit.  And if you’re looking for a more dancer-like, lean & long physique: try anything by Tracy Anderson.


Best At-Home Workouts to Do in Quarantine

I hope you’ve enjoyed this curated collection of the best at-home workouts to do in quarantine.  Just between Rebecca Louise, Holly Dolke, & Boho Beautiful: that’s over 1,000 FREE workouts you can do in your home!!  And they are just three of many online superstars ~ Yoga with Adrienne is another popular YouTube channel, with 7 million subscribers & 550+ FREE videos.  Trust me: online workout choices are limitless, & there’s no excuse not to workout at home!

Summer’s around the corner & god willing we’ll be out of isolation by then….

xoxo Noelia 

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