Abs & Arms Travel Workout!

It’s Friday!!  You’re ready to workout…but you’ve got one problem: you’re on the road traveling, & need a workout that doesn’t involve weights.  No problem ~ I’ve got you covered with this Abs & Arms Travel Workout!

All workouts are free, & ALL can be done without weights!  All you need is a computer & wi-fi.  I don’t even have a yoga mat!  Lay a towel on the ground for abs & yoga, & put a pillow under your knee for cushion if necessary.

Abs & Arms Travel Workout, Girl Who Travels the World

Get ready for bikini season anywhere with this Abs & Arms Travel Workout!

Friday = Abs & Arms Travel Workout

Today’s Workout has 3 parts: 1) Boho Beautiful 9-Minute Arms, to get us warmed up & work the shoulders 2) Boho Beautiful’s brand-new “Yoga Workout Challenge 2017,” a 25-minute routine to stretch, lengthen & work the abs, & 3) Tone it Up’sCardio Abs.”  I’m also adding in a Bonus Gratitude Meditation by Boho Beautiful, for those who have time.

Total Workout Time = 45 minutes (55 minutes with meditation)

1) 9-Minute Arms!

Start out with this 9-minute arm series ~ no weights involved, but your arms should be burning by minute five!

2) Boho Beautiful ~ Yoga Challenge!

After completing this 25-minute routine, I feel taller & more relaxed.  My low back was bothering me before ~ now it’s not.

3) Tone it Up ~ Cardio Abs!

A little cardio & abs to polish you off!

**Gratitude Meditation by Boho Beautiful**

This 10-minute meditation focuses on gratitude.  Feeling grateful for what you have is one of the healthiest things we can do.  Instead of focusing on problems, it brings our attention to the present, & allows us to express thanks for what we have.  Start or end your day with this meditation.  I guarantee you’ll feel better afterwards : )

And That’s It!

Your Friday Abs & Arms Travel Workout is done!  It’s time for the weekend!  Have you done any of these workouts before?  Which is your favorite?!  I LOVE the 9-minute arms ~ but my personal favorite here is Boho Beautiful’s “Yoga Challenge 2017.”  For me, it strikes the right balance between working hard, then letting go & relaxing.  Did you try the “Gratitude Meditation?”  Talk to me about it in the comments below!

xoxo Noelia

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