***Noelia’s Note:  If you know me, you know that I don’t have kids!  Thus, “A Single Parent’s Guide to Traveling with Kids” wasn’t written by me ~ it was written by fellow travel writer, Daniel Sherwin, of DadSolo.com.  Check out his website to learn more about a subject that I am definitely NOT an expert on: traveling with kids!  Thanks to Daniel for contributing this article.

A Single Parent’s Guide to Traveling with Kids

Welcome to “A Single Parent’s Guide to Traveling with Kids!”  Traveling with children can be a fun & rewarding opportunity to expose kids to new activities & cultures.  But it can also be completely overwhelming!  Especially when traveling with multiple children, or as a single parent.  Fortunately, there are several ways to minimize the headache, & maximize the benefits of traveling with your kids.  Below is a brief guide on how to travel with kids for the single parent!

A Single Parent's Guide to Traveling with Kids, Girl Who Travels the World

Few things are more rewarding than exposing your kids to new cultures & people.

Pack Car-Friendly Meals

We all know that low blood sugar = unhappy kids (+ adults).  Thus, “A Single Parent’s Guide to Traveling with Kids” has to start with a word on food!

When traveling with kids, it’s easy to make a fast food stop.  Not only can this eat away at your savings, but fast food is less than ideal for the health of you & your kids.  Consider packing healthy, car-friendly meals for your next road trip. These snacks can also be brought on planes & train rides, & may be conveniently stored in a backpack or small cooler.  Great snack options include peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, nuts, crackers, wrap sandwiches, & veggies with hummus.  You can also pack small protein boxes, with hard-boiled eggs, apples & peanut butter, etc.  For drinks, bring water (in your own Hydroflask, to minimize plastic), or small coconut waters/milk in a portable cooler.  And of course, don’t forget: extra napkins, wet wipes, straws, & utensils.

Keep Kids Engaged With Activities

While travel can be fun, it can also be boring for kids stuck on planes or (interminably) long car rides!  Curb their boredom by bringing plenty of games.  This can be in the forms of mobile devices, iPads, handheld games (such as the Nintendo DS), or even good old-fashioned coloring books.  Be sure to bring portable chargers, cables, & batteries.  While on the road, you can also play old-fashioned road games such as trivia or I-Spy.

Traveling with infants is a whole other ball game ~ but it’s important to stick to a normal feeding schedule & changing routine while on the road.  Don’t forget your infant’s favorite toys, as well as a stroller, baby carrier, & car seat (if needed).

Prepare for Climate Changes

Preparation is key to a relaxing vacation.  This includes being ready in advance for unexpected weather changes.  Be sure to pack extra blankets, sweaters, socks, & gloves for cooler environments.  For warm weather destinations, bring extra shorts, sunglasses, sandals, & tank tops.  If you’re headed to the beach, pack sunscreen, beach towels, & beach toys (like shovels & buckets for collecting sand).  Download weather apps on your mobile device, or simply check local forecasts for your destination.

A Single Parent's Guide to Traveling with Kids, Girl Who Travels the World

Beach vacations = sunscreen + beach toys!

Stick to a Travel Budget

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive.  Minimize dining out, limit souvenir purchases at pricey gift shops, & forego the most expensive activities ~ if you’re on a tight budget.  To save money on hotels, consider booking through third-party websites (Noelia loves Hotels.com ~ because every 10th night is free), or book a hotel slightly further away from major tourist attractions (even being a mile away can potentially save you hundred of dollars).  In addition, choose budget-friendly activities such as going to the beach, museums (many of which are free), or simply go sightseeing & walk around, meeting locals & soaking in the culture of your destination.

A Single Parent’s Guide to Traveling with Kids

Thanks for reading “A Single Parent’s Guide to Traveling with Kids,” written by Daniel of DadSolo.com.  Travel can be a fun & exciting way to see new places, while bonding with your kids.  And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune!  If you’re really on a budget, consider even a local camping trip to make your money go as far as possible.  Planning ahead is key, but once you’ve done your prep work: remember that vacations are all about enjoying the journey…so relax, SMILE, & enjoy the ride!  Good luck!

xoxo Daniel & Noelia

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Daniel Sherwin

Daniel Sherwin


Daniel has been a single dad to his daughter and son for three years now. He doesn’t always know what the heck he’s doing, but every day is definitely an adventure and blessing. After noticing that there weren’t a lot of resources out there for single dads, Daniel was motivated to start sharing what’s worked for him on this amazing journey known as parenting.