9 More Great New Zealand Adventures

So, I’ve already written the “Ultimate Girl’s Guide to New Zealand Travel.”  Then why write about it again?!  Aside from the fact that it’s the second safest country in the world, there’s sooo much to see & do ~ & countless adventures to have!  Which is why I’m now writing about “9 More Great New Zealand Adventures.”  These destinations are specifically for people who LOVE adventure…calling all explorers!  Here are even more places to visit if you find yourself in adventure-filled & outdoorsyNew Zealand!

9 More Great New Zealand Adventures, Girl Who Travels the World

New Zealand at dawn. Source: Pexels.com.

Map of New Zealand Adventures

Muriwai Beach

Mount Maunganui


Mount Cook

Abel Tasman National Park



Cape Palliser

Hokitika Gorge

Surf at Muriwai Beach

In our first adventure, we’re heading to Muriwai Beach, less than an hour from Auckland.  Known as the “Wild West Coast,” you can check out some incredible black sand dunes here.  It’s a great place to surf, fish, swim, sunbathe ~ or simply enjoy a sunset.  Make sure to visit the Gannet Colony for breathtaking views of two bays & giant birds flying overhead.

9 More Great New Zealand Adventures, Girl Who Travels the World, Muriwai Beach

Surf & check out the Gannet Colony at Muriwai Beach.

Hot Spring Soak in Mount Maunganui

Often voted one of the “best beaches” in New Zealand, Mount Maunganui is the height of coolness.  With stunning views over turquoise water, & a host of amazing cafes, restaurants, & bars ~ you can surf here, fish, kayak, take a harbor cruise, or my personal favorite: take a dip in natural salt water pools!  Located about an hour from Rotorua (another hot springs hot-bed), this is the place to relax & soak those aching muscles.

Bar-Hop in Wellington

This city may be small, but it has a whole lot of character.  Located on the very southern tip of the North Island, Wellington is the home of quirky art, pop-ups, & markets ~ & boasts more restaurants per square meter than New York City.  If you’re a foodie, or simply famished after a long day of exploring, visit Wellington!  Because of its location, it also makes a perfect stopping-off point between the two islands (you can take a ferry between the islands here).


Climb Aoraki / Mount Cook

If you’re a fan of hiking, there’s no better place to visit than New Zealand’s tallest mountain ~ Mount Cook.  But bear in mind: it’s not an easy climb at all, so not a great choice if you’ve never climbed a mountain before!  If you’re a hiking superstar though, the views are worth it!  For those who aren’t seasoned climbers, there’s a lovely national park at the mountain’s base that’s still lovely to explore, without having to climb.

9 More Great New Zealand Adventures, Girl Who Travels the World

New Zealand’s tallest mountain, at 12,218 feet: Mount Cook.

Kayak in Abel Tasman National Park

This breathtaking National Park is something out of a dream. The water is incredibly blue & the sand is golden.  Hiking & walking are very popular, but you can also explore Abel Tasman by kayaking around the coves, where you may discover dolphins & seals alongside you on your journey!

9 More Great New Zealand Adventures, Girl Who Travels the World

Kayak in the incredibly blue waters of Abel Tasman National Park.

Bungee Jump in Queenstown!

1 Cover considers Queenstown one of the best party towns in the world, & it’s to see why.  This town is filled with quaint bars, live music, & night clubs.  Pump up your adrenaline during the daytime by snowboarding, bungee-jumping, sky-diving, or paragliding ~ then your enjoy your evening hitting Queenstown’s lively bar scene, before letting your hair down & doing it all over again!

9 More Great New Zealand Adventures, Girl Who Travels the World

Beautiful, lively Queenstown. Source: Pexels.

Walk Hokitika Gorge

This area in the South Island looks like a little piece of paradise, as the water is the most incredible bright blue ~ thanks to a mix of plankton & glacier water.  There are several lovely walking trails around Hokitika Gorge, & you can dip your toes in to cool down, but be warned that the water is freezing, & due to strong currents, it’s not recommended to swim here!

9 More Great New Zealand Adventures, Girl Who Travels the World

The road to Hokitika Gorge, New Zealand. Source: Pexels.

Climb Lighthouses in Cape Palliser

It may be a two-hour drive from Wellington, but if you head to this stunning stretch of coastline, you’ll be rewarded with a whole bunch of seals, just chilling in the sun!  It’s pretty amazing to see them relaxing on the rocks, & if you head to the top of the Cape Palliser Lighthouse, you’ll be treated to spectacular coastline views!

Enjoy Nature in Wanaka

Have these “9 More Great New Zealand Adventures” got you ready for a little R&R??  Well, it’s easy to take a break from the hustle & bustle in the chilled-out mountain town of Wanaka.  Located close to Queenstown, Wanaka is perfect for skiing, hiking, biking, fishing, & paddle-boarding.  Or if you just want to relax, it’s a beautiful place to simply immerse yourself in nature, & have your own “Sound of Music” moment.

9 More Great New Zealand Adventures, Girl WHo Travels the World

Take in the beauty of Wanaka, New Zealand.

9 More Great New Zealand Adventures

That’s a wrap on New Zealand for now ~ the reasons to visit are endless, especially if you’re an outdoor-lover.  Let me know in the comments below if you’ve visited any of these place & what you thought of them!

xoxo Noelia

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