6 Portland Attractions that Will Steal Your Heart

Portland isn’t just a city: it’s an experience, a celebration of life’s little pleasures.  Though its been in the news a lot in recent years (& not always for the good), there’s so much about the city that is magical.  Imagine streets filled with independent boutiques, offering chic fashion finds; art galleries where creativity blossoms in every corner; cozy cafes with the aroma of freshly-brewed PNW coffee, & forest-filled parks where you can immerse yourself in nature.  This is the true Portland.  It’s a city that celebrates the unique & quirky in all of us, demonstrated by these 6 Portland Attractions that Will Steal Your Heart…”

6 Portland Attractions that Will Steal Your Heart, Guide to Washington Park in Portland, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

The author in Portland’s famous rose garden with her beloved dog, Dylan!

Whether you’re an aspiring fashionista, bookworm, nature-lover, or culinary explorer ~ Portland has something special just for you.  In this bustling yet enchanting city, there’s a sense of camaraderie & still a “small town” feel, that makes it different from just about every other big city on the West Coast…


Map of Portland Attactions

Forest Park

Pittock Mansion


Pearl District

6 Portland Attractions that Will Steal Your Heart

A Book Lover’s Dream: Powell’s Books

If books are your best friends, then Powell’s Books may be your soulmate.  It’s not just a bookstore; it’s a universe filled with stories that stretch the imagination, touch your heart, & inspire the soul.  And it’s a major Portland, Oregon landmark.  Find yourself wandering through endless rows of books, with hand-picked titles ranging from romantic novels to empowering self-help guides.

Coffee & Conversations

And the magic doesn’t stop there.  Powell’s also houses a café serving locally-sourced coffee ~ perfect for book-club discussions or a peaceful moment to dive into your latest literary find.  This Portland hot spot is more than a must-visit; it’s a sanctuary for every girl who loves words…

6 Portland Attractions that Will Steal Your Heart, Girl Who Travels the World

Powell’s is SO large ~ it’s divided into different rooms, with different colors representing different book genres.

OMSI ~ Empowering Imaginations

Who says science & tech are just for boys?  At OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry), get ready to have your mind blown by exhibits that inspire creativity & scientific knowledge. Explore, engage, & be amazed by the wonders of the universe, & marvels of human innovation.

Embrace Your Inner Geek

OMSI is a hub for all things fun & educational.  Indulge your inner science nerd with interactive displays, or be starstruck at the museum’s amazing planetarium.  This is a great spot to bring kids ~ as it’s where learning comes alive.

6 Portland Attractions that Will Steal Your Heart, Girl Who Travels the World

OMSI is a great place to bring kids, with its many interactive exhibits. Photo by Portland Tribune,

Forest Park ~ Enjoy Nature’s Embrace

Next on our list is Forest Park, a haven where nature will envelop you with both shade & beauty.  Spend the day hiking, capturing perfect Instagram-worthy shots, or simply lying on the grass, gazing at the sky.  This is also a trail-runner’s heaven, with over 80 miles of scenic, shaded trails to explore.  Forest Park is close to Washington Park, one of Portland’s other top sights (which houses the Oregon Zoo & city’s famous Rose Garden).  Certain hiking trails actually connect the two parks.

A Picnic with the Girls

Invite your girlfriends for a delightful picnic amidst the rustling leaves & shaded trees.  Let the hours slip away as you share laughter, secrets, & delicious treats ~ creating memories that will last a lifetime.  Forest Park isn’t just one of the top attractions in Portland: it’s a place to bond with nature & each other.

6 Portland Attactions that Will Steal Your Heart, Ultimate Guide to Washington Park in Portland, Girl Who Travels the World

Use Hoyt Arboretum as a jumping-off point for exploring the hundreds of miles of trails in both Washington & Forest Park.

Pittock Mansion ~ A Touch of Elegance & History

The Pittock Mansion is a reminder of the elegance & grace of times gone by.  Explore this stunning historic mansion with its exquisite décor, art, & beautiful gardens. Take a guided tour, & get a glimpse of what life was like for the men & women who once graced these halls…

Ultimate Guide to Washington Park in Portland, Girl Who Travels the World

Take a tour of historic Pittock Mansion.

Views & Values

And don’t miss the view!  From the mansion’s windows, you can gaze upon Portland & distant Mount Hood in all its glory.  The Pittock Mansion offers a unique blend of beauty, history, & insight into the women who shaped Portland, making it a must-visit for those who appreciate learning about the city’s grand heritage.

Great Spots for Photos in Washington Park, Girl Who Travels the World

Incredible view from the Pittock Mansion.

My favorite Portland hotel that’s oh-so chic, & walkable to many of the city’s top sights ~ is Hollywood-inspired Hotel Deluxe. It’s set in a protected little area called Goose Hollow, & is great for a romantic getaway or solo staycation!

Pearl District ~ Fashion + Great Eateries

Shop ’til You Drop

For fashion-savvy ladies & gents, the Pearl District is a dream come true.  Walk into boutiques like Garnish Apparel for their custom, locally-made clothes.  Or are you hunting for vintage treasures?  Check out the House of Vintage, where each piece has a special story.  From the latest designer collections, to unique style finds: this area is one of the city’s most upscale, with shops catering to many styles & budgets.

Art & Al Fresco Dining

The Pearl District is also a hub for art enthusiasts & foodies.  Visit the Elizabeth Leach Gallery and Blue Sky Gallery, where you can meet local artists who are redefining creativity.  When hunger strikes, enjoy a delightful al fresco dining experience at chic eateries like my personal favorite, Andina ~ with their exquisite Peruvian cuisine…& you must try their famous Sacsayhuaman cocktail, which is named after a famous Inca site in Cusco!  Or head to Lechon for more mouth-watering South American fare. 

And if you happen to be in town on the first Thursday of the month, attending “First Thursday” will put you in touch with a favorite local’s activity.  My friends & I always started our night at happening River Pig, which sits right in the heart of the Pearl District ~ & offers some of the best people-watching in town.

Great Things to Do in Portland, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

My friends & I at River Pig, one of the most popular bars in the Pearl District!

Food Cart Frenzy ~ Culinary Adventures

Get ready for a culinary adventure like no other!  Portland’s food carts are renowned worldwide.  Start your food journey at Nong’s Khao Man Gai, for a comforting Thai chicken & rice dish.  Craving Mexican?  La Jarochita is a go-to for authentic tacos & tortas ~ or try local’s favorite, Porque No.  For a spin on traditional American grub, check out Fried Egg I’m in Love, where breakfast is served all day, every day. 

Read this article for a more complete list of the city’s best brunch spots.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing food & laughter in the vibrant ambiance of these food hubs is a Portland must.  And don’t forget to end your meal with something sweet from Waffle Window or Voodoo Doughnut.

The Cherry on Top: Luxurious Rides

Finally, don’t just hop on a bus or hail a cab for this journey around Portland.  Why not top it off with a sprinkle of luxury?  Take advantage of a trusted Portland limo service, which will add some glamour to your travels.  And so no one has to worry about drinking & driving!  Sit back, relax, & relive the memorable moments of your day as you’re whisked around Portland in style. 

This will make for a flawless finish to an unforgettable day in this special city…

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Super Fun Things to Do in Portland, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

6 Portland Attractions that Will Steal Your Heart, Girl Who Travels the World