Volunteering on a Coffee Farm!

Volunteering on a coffee farm in southern Costa Rica is easily one of my best travel experiences of 2017.  From being in a small town & getting to know everyone (& I mean ~ everyone, including all the local dogs), to climbing the hills every morning at 6AM, to sharing mating calls with nearby farmers, to sleeping in a log cabin with other volunteers & sharing meals together with our host family….I pretty much LOVED every aspect of this experience.  

Volunteering on a Coffee Farm

I loved waking up every morning to this view.

To give people an idea of what it’s like to volunteer on a coffee farm ~ I put together the video below which shows my experience: from the dusty ride up to coffee country, to the entire coffee-picking process ~ start to finish.  I knew absolutely nothing about how my morning cup of “joe” was produced prior to volunteering on a coffee farm.  Now I know a little bit more ; )  

Volunteering on a Coffee Farm

Little by little, I began to learn about the coffee-making process…

If you’ve ever had the desire to travel internationally, or simply a desire to volunteer, & you love coffee: volunteering on a coffee farm may be the perfect answer for your next international adventure.  But don’t take my word for it ~ watch the video!

Video of Volunteering on a Coffee Farm

Follow my adventures on YouTube HERE! 

How to Volunteer on a Coffee Farm
  • Contact IVHQ (International Volunteer Headquarters) & ask about the “Coffee Projects” in Costa Rica.  My project was based in San Jeronimo, near San Isidro.
  • Contact Maximo Nivel (a Costa Rica volunteer organization) directly, & ask to speak with Andrea DeLuz about the Eco-Agriculture/Coffee Project.  IVHQ partners with Maximo in Costa Rica ~ so you can volunteer through either organization.
  • If you want to visit coffee country & stay with a host family, but don’t want to volunteer ~ I’d highly recommend it!  You can chase waterfalls, horseback ride, learn about coffee-making, or hike to Costa Rica’s highest peak ~ all for about $28/night (including meals).  In this way, you can help local farmers by bringing tourist dollars into their small communities, particularly during non-coffee season.  Contact Aturena for more information.

Get Prepared!

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