Best Travel Workouts!

My Favorite Travel Workouts!

Best Stretches for Long Flights

They say: sitting is the new killer. Whether you're coming off a long flight, or you've been sitting at your desk too long ~ try this quick, 15-minute yoga routine. Feeling Better = Guaranteed.

Monday Travel Workout ~ Cardio + BOOTY!!

It's Monday...Time to Get Moving! Monday means...a fresh start!  I love Mondays because they represent a blank slate ~ you can turn this week into anything you want it to be.  Soooo.....get out your planner, take a look at the week ahead, & schedule your workouts...

Tuesday Travel Workout ~ Abs & Yoga!

Welcome to Your Tuesday Travel Workout... Yesterday's workout was all about cardio & working the booty ~ so today we're gonna mix it up & focus on lengthening the body with some yoga, then strengthening our abs.  Throw in some cardio if you have time (I'm...

Friday Travel Workout – Abs, Arms & Yoga!

Your Friday Travel Workout! It's Friday!!  You're ready to workout...but you've got one problem: you're on the road traveling, & need a workout that doesn't involve weights.  No problem ~ I've got you covered with this Travel Workout! I just arrived in Costa Rica...

Sunday Travel Workout!

Welcome to Your Sunday Workout! Sunday is my absolute favorite day of the week!  Etta James didn't write, I want a "Sunday Kind of Love" for nothing!  Sunday's are just more relaxed than any other day of the week....they've got a groovy kind of feeling about them....

Saturday Travel Workout ~ Yin Yoga

Let Go & Relax on the Road... Today's workout is all about relaxing & letting go.  We're going to start with a quick session for our arms & abs, then move on to a slow, deep 20-minute yin yoga session, allowing our muscles to completely relax.   Yin yoga...

My Go-To Travel Workouts!

Kettle-Toning ~ Total Body Workout

Beach Yoga ~ Total Body Stretch

Bikini Abs

Mali-BOOTY ~ My niece & nephew’s favorite routine ; )

My Fave Workout Videos!

Best All-Over Toner

Best Butt Workout

Best Yoga & Pilates Video

Best Ab Routine

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