Your Friday Travel Workout!

It’s Friday!!  You’re ready to workout…but you’ve got one problem: you’re on the road traveling, & need a workout that doesn’t involve weights.  No problem ~ I’ve got you covered with this Travel Workout!

I just arrived in Costa Rica yesterday, & for the next week, I’m going to create a new post for EVERY day of the week: showing exactly what workouts I’m doing.  The good news?  All workouts are free, & ALL can be done without weights!  All you need is a computer & wi-fi.  I don’t even have a yoga mat!  Lay a towel on the ground for abs & yoga, & put a pillow under your knee for cushion if necessary.

I LOVE trying new workouts, & during this week, I’ll be introducing you to some of my favorite instructors: Karena & Katrina from Tone it Up; Tracy Anderson, founder of the Tracy Anderson MethodJuliana Semonova from Boho Beautiful ~ & other favorites.  Personally, I enjoy switching instructors to keep a healthy variety, & to avoid boredom : )

What Are Your Fitness Goals?

It’s 2017.  What are your biggest fitness goals this year?  Wish your low back didn’t hurt so much?  Time to work on your core strength.  Want to feel confident in a tank top?  Then you’ve gotta work those arms.  How ’bout that booty?  After all, it was THE accessory of 2016 ; )!!  HA!

Let’s break it down even more: what are your “Top Two Fitness Goals” for January 2017?  Get really specific.  What changes do you want to see happen this month?

As an example, here are my “Top Two Fitness Goals” this month: 1) Improve my flexibility (especially my hamstrings) ~ & be able to touch my toes again, 2) Work my abs 5X per week.

Are Your Goals Measurable?

If not, they’ll be very hard to track.  In other words, you won’t know if you’ve succeeded or not.  For instance, “Improve my flexibility” is a pretty general goal, which is why I added: “be able to touch my toes again.”  Either I can touch my toes by the end of the month ~ or I can’t.  My second goal, “Work on abs 5X per week,” is very measurable ~ either I did it, or I didn’t.

Look back at your two goals.  Are they measurable?  Can you track them?  If not, figure out how to make them measurable.  For example, “I want to get fit” could become: “I want to workout three days per week, for twenty minutes.”  That is a completely measurable goal.

Now…Write Them Down!

Now, no matter what your goals are: write them down.  Write them down.  Write them down.  I adore Bloom planners ~ they have lots of space to write down all of my workouts, & more importantly ~ they prompt me to explore my vision and goals each month.  This planner is AMAZING.  I’m obsessed.

And I’m not a planner kind of person!

Okay ~ now you have two goals for this month.  You’ve written them down.  Now….let’s get to the workout!

Friday’s Workout ~ Abs, Arms & Yoga!

Today’s Workout has 3 parts: 1) Tracy Anderson Arms, to get us warmed up & work the shoulders 2) Boho Beautiful’s brand-new “Yoga Workout Challenge 2017,” a 25-minute routine to stretch, lengthen & work the abs, & 3) Tone it Up’sCardio Abs.”  I’m also adding in a Bonus Gratitude Meditation by Boho Beautiful, for those who have time.

Total Workout Time = 45 minutes (55 minutes with meditation)

1) Tracy Anderson Arms!

Start out with this 8-minute arm series ~ no weights involved, but your arms should be burning by minute five!

2) Boho Beautiful ~ Yoga Challenge!

After completing this 25-minute routine, I feel taller & more relaxed.  My low back was bothering me before ~ now it’s not.

3) Tone it Up ~ Cardio Abs!

A little cardio & abs to polish you off!


**Gratitude Meditation by Boho Beautiful**

This 10-minute meditation focuses on gratitude.  Feeling grateful is, quite simply, one of the healthiest things we can do.  Instead of focusing on problems, it brings our attention to the present, & allows us to express thanks for what we have.  Start or end your day with this meditation.  I guarantee you’ll feel better afterwards : )

And That’s It!

Your Friday Workout is done!  It’s time for the weekend ~ woooo hoooo!!  Have you done any of these workouts before?  Which is your favorite?!  I LOVE the Tracy arms ~ but my personal favorite here is Boho Beautiful’s “Yoga Challenge 2017.”  To me, it strikes the right balance between working hard & then letting go & relaxing.  Did you try the “Gratitude Meditation?”  How did that go for you?  Talk to me about it in the comments below!

Noelle Bertram is a former fitness coach & restaurant owner who travels full-time now & writes all about it. Catch up with her on Instagram or @ her website about being the ultimate, fearless travel girl:!

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