Best Electronic Gear for Travel

Best Electronic Gear for Travel!

So, you want to take amazing pictures, right?  Especially when you’re out having adventures on your next vacation.  You can scour Instagram & find out what equipment all of your favorite photographers are using….or you can simply read this post!  In this “Best Electronic Gear for Travel” section, I’m including all of the equipment I personally use while traveling (most of my best shots ironically come from my IPhone) ~ but I’ve also taken the pulse of some of my favorite Instagram bloggers & photographers to find out what equipment they’re using to get such great shots.  

And everything I’ve found is below…

Adventure Awaits….

Best Electonic Gear for Travel

Find out what camera gear all the best photographers are using in this post…

Best Electronic Gear for Travel, Phone Gear for Travel

Best Phone Gear for Travel

Don’t underestimate what your phone can accomplish with regard to getting some killer vacation photography.  Ninety percent of the shots on my Instagram account were taken with my Iphone 6, then edited using Iphone’s edit feature (I typically do NOT use filters as they tend to make images too grainy).  Although many of the best photographers on Instagram are using expensive gear, occasionally they post shots that have been taken with their phones that are outstanding.  So for beginner photographers: this is where you start!  

Included below in this “Best Electronic Gear for Travel” section are phones & accessories that will keep you plugged in & charged up anywhere your travels take you.  

Best Electronic Gear for Travel

This shot of Machu Picchu was taken with my Iphone. You don’t need expensive gear to get great shots.

IPhone 6 ~ 64 GB

90% of my shots are taken with my phone ~ which makes 64GB a necessity

Portable Charger

I never travel without this ~ charge your phone anywhere, lightning fast 

Waterproof Case

Turn your phone into a killer underwater camera


External Hard Drive

Back up all your work & pictures to this device

Universal Adapter

Charge your devices in any country w/this dual USB adapter

Fashionable Headphones

Look cool & rock out to your favorite tunes while traveling

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Smaller, in-ear noise-cancelling headphones ~ perfect for planes

“Adventure Awaits” Iphone Case

Be reminded of adventure every time you look at your phone…

Best Electronic Gear for Travel, Underwater Action + Camera Gear

Best Underwater + Action Cameras!

If you’ve got a trip to Hawaii or Mexico booked ~ or even the Galapagos Islands ~ any place where water is the main event: great underwater camera gear is a must.  The underwater housing for my Go Pro broke while I was in Cozumel (the diving capital of Mexico), & there were so many great underwater photo ops that I missed out on ~ including the discovery of an underwater Chichen Itza!  

I love the types of angles & birds-eye effect you can get with a Go Pro that just isn’t possible with most other cameras, such as the shot below taken in Mexico.  If you’re a solo traveler & don’t mind using a selfie stick, check out the Instagram account of My Life is a Travel Movie, run by Alyssa Ramos.  She has basically mastered using her Go Pro + selfie stick attachment ~ & nearly all of her insane photos are taken solely with her Go Pro, which is why she’s also sponsored by them.  Point is: there’s a lot you can do with a Go Pro ~ on dry land & underwater.     

Best Electronic Gear for Travel, Best Cameras for Travel

This birds-eye shot of the Uxmal Ruins in Mexico was taken with my Go Pro Hero 4 ~ an angle I couldn’t have achieved with my phone.


Best Electronic Gear for Travel, Northern Lights

This underwater shot was taken with the Canon D30 Powershot, shown below.

Go Pro Hero 4

Perfect for action or underwater shots ~ used by me & hundreds of other photographers


Go Pro Hero 5

Go Pro 5 already comes with underwater housing ~ no need for extra equipment


Go Pro 3-Way Mount

Travis Burke is one of the top Instagram photographers ~ & this is what he uses


Selfie Stick for Go Pro

Alyssa Ramos uses this for nearly all of her stunning shots


Canon Underwater Camera

Used by guys I met in Galapagos ~ great for still shots & easier to use than Go Pro


Waterproof Camera Float

Don’t lose your underwater camera ~ strap this on


Akaso 4K Waterproof Cam

Cheaper version of the Go Pro w/4K recording ability & great reviews


Bigaint Waterproof Cam

Cheaper than Canon but not as high quality pics


Best Electronic Gear for Travel, Advanced Photo Gear

Advanced Photo Gear

If you’re looking to take your photography skills to the next level, it makes sense to model yourself after people who are already doing what you want to do.  Two of the top travel photography accounts on Instagram are The Blonde Abroad & Travis Burke Photography.  Together, they have over 1.2 million followers, & they’re personally two of my favorite accounts for getting travel inspiration.  And both of them actually make money from their photography skills.  

What I wanted to know was: what kind of cameras are they using?  

So I typed into Google, “What kind of camera does Travis Burke use?”  Luckily, he has an FAQ section on his website that told me exactly what kind of camera(s) he uses.  And fortunately, The Blonde Abroad is similarly transparent: the cameras they use are listed below.

 If you’re planning to do any serious photography ~ like you want to take killer Northern Lights shots, for example, or any kind of professional or nighttime photography  ~ you’re going to need to make an investment in a great camera. 

Best Advanced Electronic Gear for Travel

Best Electronic Gear for Travel, Northern Lights

To get shots like this, you need advanced camera gear & a tripod. Period.

Fujifilm X-TI Digital


Used by The Blonde Abroad, this baby will seriously step up your photo game


Fujifilm Zoom Lens


Increase the Fuji’s capability with this compact zoom lens, perfect for travelers


Sony A7R11 Digital Camera


This is Travis Burke’s camera of choice ~ with a 16-35mm lens 




You’re never going to get great night shots without one of these..


Best Electronic Gear for Travel

That’s a wrap for now on the best electronic gear for travel ~ I’ll update this section as newer & better (or cheaper!) equipment as it comes along.  Happy photographing!

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