Travel Shop for Women

Welcome to the Travel Shop!

If you’re a woman & you love to travel ~ this travel shop is for you!  Designed especially for the female traveler, this page represents a curated collection of my favorite travel gear, from swimsuits to cameras, supplements to organic beauty products.  The emphasis is on: affordable.  I don’t believe you need to spend a fortune to get great travel gear.  

So if you’re headed to beaches like Hawaii or Tulum ~ I’ve got the perfect bikinis for you.  Or how about staying regular on your next getaway?  Don’t worry ~ I’ve got the perfect supplements for that…& NO, they aren’t laxatives!  Want to know what kind of cameras your favorite Instagram photographers are using?  I’ve got you covered there too.  

Travel Shop for Women

Welcome to the Travel Shop for all discerning & intrepid female travelers…

Travel Shop ~ Shop by Category

If you know what you’re looking for in the Travel Shop, simply click on one of the categories below to go straight to that page.  Otherwise, keep scrolling down this page to browse items available in each category.  

Travel Shop Collections: 1) Bikinis & Swimsuits, 2) Cameras/Electronic Gear for Travel, 3) Mineral Sunscreens, 4) Organic Beauty Products (including skincare, make-up, hair & sunscreen), 5) Rompers, 6) Supplements for Regularity, 7) Travel Books, & 8) Travel Insurance.  

Travel Shop ~ Shop Swimsuits

Above is a small collection of bikinis you’ll find in the Swimsuit Shop.  And the best part is: they all cost less than $30, & they’re all available on Amazon.  To shop a larger collection of suits that includes print bikinis, one-pieces, fringe & boho suits, click here

Flirty Floral Print Bikini


Tie-Dye Print Bikini


Colorful Rainbow Halter


Black Leaves Push-up


Travel Shop ~ Shop Cameras

On my own travels, I typically use my IPhone 6 & Go Pro 4 to take all my travel pics ~ take a look at my Instagram account here.  But I’m not a pro!  I did a little research what kind of cameras the top photographers on Instagram are using, like Travis Burke & the Blonde Abroad.  Click here to find out what camera gear they use.

Go Pro Hero 5

Go Pro 5 already comes with underwater housing ~ no need for extra equipment

Canon Underwater Camera

Used by guys I met in Galapagos ~ great for still shots & easier to use than Go Pro

Fujifilm X-TI Digital

Used by The Blonde Abroad, this baby will seriously step up your photo game

Shop Sunscreens

I’m a stickler for using mineral suncreens ~ aka, sunscreens with ZERO chemicals in them.  They are just as effective as their chemical counterparts, minus all the side effects.  Find out which sunscreens are truly chemical-free by clicking here, where you’ll find the best mineral sunscreen options for kids, face, & body.  

Face Sunscreen SPF 50

Uses Zinc oxide & titanium dioxide only; non-greasy w/slight tint

Coola Mimosa Sport

98% natural, water-resistant, & citrus mimosa scent

Organic Sunscreen Stick

Soothing ingredients + zinc oxide only; easy to pack in purse


Shop Organic Beauty

This section includes my favorite organic (or as close-to-organic as possible) beauty products for travel.  Because organic products can be extremely hard to find in other countries (particularly developing ones), I tend to stock up on these items before I go.  If you wish to visit the expanded Organic Beauty section that includes organic skin care, make-up, perfume, sunscreen, & hair products: click here

Skin Care Travel 4-Pack

Get this for the facial scrub alone & be glowing…

Smell Like Tropical Paradise…

Smells like you just got done waxing your surfboard, with guava, pomelo & warm coconut

Best Deep Conditioner

Turned my beach-blonde, dried-out hair back to bouncy curls

Travel Shop ~ Shop Rompers

If you’re headed to tropical climates & want something light & easy-to-pack that will look great on Instagram: this romper section will hit your sweet spot.  All rompers are less than $30 & available on Amazon.  For a larger selection than the rompers shown below, click here

Floral Strapless


Sexy Red Romper


Black Off-Shoulder Romper


Off-Shoulder Mini


Travel Shop ~ Stay Regular!

If you’re giggling a little bit ~ that’s totally understandable!  However, staying regular on the road can be a SERIOUS challenge for some….which is never fun.  Particularly if you’re in a bikini.  By all means, consult your doctor before trying any new supplements. However, the two recommendations listed below are ones I personally use, & are not laxatives.  They provide gentle relief ~ & should not give you any “run to the bathroom” type moments!  

My first recommendation for maintaining regularity on the road is 1) Probiotics.  My top choice here is Green Vibrance.  It has 25 billion probiotics AND green powders & vitamins galore.  It’s more like a multi-vitamin with a ton of probiotics.  

My second recommendation is 2) Triphala.  This is an Ayurvedic herb that has been used for thousands of years, & is used to tone & strengthen the colon.  It works WONDERS.  My personal favorite brand is Planetary Herbals, as its proven to be the most effective.

Click here for more detailed information on both of these supplements.  

Travel Shop ~ Travel Books

Sometimes, you need some inspiration to get out on the road.  The books below should give you just that little jolt of what you’re looking for when it comes to living an extraordinary life.  

The first two books, Wild & Eat, Pray, Love ~ are both classics in terms of solo female travel, & represent two very different journeys.  If you’re a female wanting to take off on a solo journey: these two books are great places to begin.  

The second two books, The Four-Hour Work Week & How to Travel the World for $50/Day or Less, will actually show you HOW to do it.  It is not an understatement to say that both these books changed my life, & turned wanting to travel the world into actually traveling the world.  

For more books to inspire your travels, click here.  

Travel Shop ~ Travel Insurance

When you travel, you want to be able to choose your own adventure.  Write your own story.  Turn the page on a new life chapter.  And all of this involves risk-taking.  From taking chicken buses through Central America to hiking the great Andes Mountains in Peru ~ you want to do it all, and you want to know that you’re covered….just in case the unexpected happens.  

Enter: Travel Insurance.  

After doing numerous side-by-side comparisons, as well as comparing travel insurance deals with other travelers, my top choice for travel insurance is: World Nomads Insurance.  Find out why here.  

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