Welcome to Noelia's Travel Blog!

Welcome to Noelia’s Travel Blog!

Pissing Over Medellin

This is a tale of the fateful day I arrived in Medellin, Colombia, on a bus from Guatape. While stopped at a construction barricade on the side of the Colombian highway, I had one decision to make: to pee or not to pee? read more

Iceland Travel FAQ

Welcome to Iceland Travel FAQ! Here they are: all of the most popular questions I've been asked about traveling to Iceland ~ all answered in one place!  Forget going to ten different sites to get your questions answered (like I did)...all of your Iceland questions are...

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Volunteering in Costa Rica!

I first learned about volunteering in Costa Rica through the international volunteer organization, IVHQ.  Based in New Zealand, they offer volunteer programs all over the world.  When you first look into volunteering, it can be extremely overwhelming, because there...

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How I Fell in Love with Solo Travel

How I Fell in Love with Solo Travel "I didn't always know what I wanted to do.  But I knew the kind of woman I wanted to become." -Diane Von Furstenberg Back in my 20's, I went to Thailand with two of my best friends from high school.  Only I flew in a week before...

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Monday Travel Workout ~ Cardio + BOOTY!!

It's Monday...Time to Get Moving! Monday means...a fresh start!  I love Mondays because they represent a blank slate ~ you can turn this week into anything you want it to be.  Soooo.....get out your planner, take a look at the week ahead, & schedule your workouts...

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How to Take Pictures of the Northern Lights!

Land of the Northern Lights! Iceland is all about the Northern Lights!  During my visit in October 2016, I saw them twice ~ & it is a truly spectacular experience.  It looks like the sky is actually dancing!  If you wish to document your Northern Lights...

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How to Get to Lake Titicaca, Peru!

Welcome to Lake Titicaca! Welcome to the famous floating islands of Lake Titicaca!  Set in south-eastern Peru, the lake is actually on the border of Peru and Bolivia ~ so technically it sits right in between both countries!  At 12,507 feet, it's the highest navigable...

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Tuesday Travel Workout ~ Abs & Yoga!

Welcome to Your Tuesday Travel Workout... Yesterday's workout was all about cardio & working the booty ~ so today we're gonna mix it up & focus on lengthening the body with some yoga, then strengthening our abs.  Throw in some cardio if you have time (I'm...

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Friday Travel Workout – Abs, Arms & Yoga!

Your Friday Travel Workout! It's Friday!!  You're ready to workout...but you've got one problem: you're on the road traveling, & need a workout that doesn't involve weights.  No problem ~ I've got you covered with this Travel Workout! I just arrived in Costa Rica...

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Sunday Travel Workout!

Welcome to Your Sunday Workout! Sunday is my absolute favorite day of the week!  Etta James didn't write, I want a "Sunday Kind of Love" for nothing!  Sunday's are just more relaxed than any other day of the week....they've got a groovy kind of feeling about them....

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Saturday Travel Workout ~ Yin Yoga

Let Go & Relax on the Road... Today's workout is all about relaxing & letting go.  We're going to start with a quick session for our arms & abs, then move on to a slow, deep 20-minute yin yoga session, allowing our muscles to completely relax.   Yin yoga...

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What are the Safest Countries in the World?

What Are the World's Safest Countries? What do Bolivia, Peru, Croatia, and Morocco all have in common? Statistically speaking: they are all safer than the United States.  Say whaaaaattt??! According to the 2016 Global Peace Index (GPI), all four of these countries are...

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How To Fix Blue Lagoon Hair!

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is a one-of-a-kind place ~ & being so close to the international airport in Keflavik (20 mins), it's one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Iceland!  Though it's expensive compared to other nature baths in Iceland, I would...

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