Top 10 Reasons to Travel Solo

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The latest statistics say, 36% of people traveling are traveling alone, up from 13% just a few years ago.  I consider that great news!  For the other 64% of you, though ~ here are the Top 10 Reasons to Travel Solo:

  1.  You will meet more people.  I promise.  Sounds counter-intuitive, right?  Even if you’re shy @ home & don’t interact often with strangers – I promise you, when you’re abroad, you HAVE to.  Necessity will help you get over your fears of talking to strangers.   Lost?  You’ll have to ask for directions.  Can’t find the right train schedule?  Again, you’ll have to ask for help.  Being with friends – especially close friends, tends to insulate you from the rest of the world: it’s comfortable, you have your inside jokes that no one else understands…& all this can prevent you from reaching out & meeting new people. 
  2.  You can do exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it.  No arguments or debate necessary. 
  3.  You have more time for reflection.  Say you’re @ a museum & you see a statue that you’d love to sketch – you can do it!  When you’re with friends, especially a larger group, there is often the need to “keep up with the group.”  Not so when you’re by yourself – you only have your own rhythms & desires to worry about.  Which is kind of a great thing. 
  4. Top 10 Reasons to Travel Solo
  5. 5.  You have privacy in the bathroom (unless you’re in a hostel/shared bathroom situation).  Until you’ve traveled frequently, you don’t understand how important good digestion & regularity is to related to happy travels.  Enough said. 
  6.  You don’t have to listen to your girl friend’s horrible break-up story.  Again.  For the tenth time.  Girls – I know you hear me on this one. 
  7.  You are more likely to learn a new language when solo.  This goes back to #1 – having close friends around makes it super easy to keep speaking your native tongue vs. boning up on a new tongue.  Or tongues.
  8.  You are the captain of your own ship.  Did you hear about a great Kiva program you want to check out in Guatemala & want to make a detour?  Want to check out that wildlife conservation program in Costa Rica?  Well guess what…when you’re alone, you can!  No one is stopping you. 
  9.  You have more time to read, write, blog, paint, draw, sculpt, play music….or whatever it is that makes time stop for you. 
  10.  You can bring someone back to your room…with full privacy (unless, again, you are staying in a hostel or shared room).  How many times have you been traveling with friends, met someone….special – & then wondered where the hell you two were going to hook up?!  This can lead to some real dilemmas.  Do you do it in the bathroom?  On the balcony?  On the floor & hope your friend(s) don’t wake up..??!  You get the idea.  Solo travel means that….when you meet that gorgeous hunk of a Latin man, you can safely bring him back to your place, with no distractions…
  11. Top 10 Reasons to Travel Solo
  12. You only have your own baggage to deal with.  No, I’m not talking about luggage.  Everyone brings some kind of baggage on a vacation: maybe they are a constant complainer, maybe they hate their job – & yet they seem to love discussing how much they hate their job, or maybe they just love to commiserate about their boyfriend/domestic partner/latest Tinder hook-up….etc.  Again, everyone has baggage.  But when you’re on your own, yours is the only baggage you have to worry about it.  And a bonus: you won’t need earplugs. 


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