Welcome to Your Sunday Workout!

Sunday is my absolute favorite day of the week!  Etta James didn’t write, I want a “Sunday Kind of Love” for nothing!  Sunday’s are just more relaxed than any other day of the week….they’ve got a groovy kind of feeling about them.  It’s the perfect day to reflect & recharge ~ & the best way to reflect is by getting moving!

Any avid walker or runner will tell you ~ being outside & moving your body IS a form of meditation.  Many people have their best ideas while out for a stroll, or they find the solution to a problem that’s been nagging them all week while out for a run.  Recently, while volunteering on a Costa Rican coffee plantation, I wrote an entire article in my head while outside in the sunshine, picking coffee beans.  Being outside in the fresh air & simply moving your body is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

So take a break from strength training today….& just get outside!  Bring along your favorite pups or people : )

Sunday Workout ~ Get Outside!

All you need to do today is: GET OUTSIDE!!  Take your dog for a walk, go for a hike, explore a new city, explore your own city, go for a run ~ move your body outside in any way that feels great to you.  Aim for at least 30 minutes.  Then, when you get home, we’ll do a super-quick, 10-minute stretch from the “Tone it Up” girls, to get your body loosened up & ready for the week.

Because Sunday is the perfect day to let go & relax, I’m including the “Letting Go Meditation,” from Boho Beautiful.  Let go of the past week, in particular any frustrations or disappointments, so that you can move on to the new week with a fresh outlook.

Total Workout Time = 40+ minutes (50 minutes with meditation)

1) Tone it Up ~ Stretch & Release!

After your Sunday stroll (or run), slow it down here with this super-quick, mini-stretching routine.


**Letting Go Meditation by Boho Beautiful**

Start the week by letting go of what you don’t want ~ tension, fatigue, anger…anything that does not serve you, anything that you need to move through, as opposed to being stuck in.  You might be surprised how great you feel after doing this simple, 10-minute meditation.

That’s it ~ Enjoy Your Sunday!


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