Great Oregon Hikes, Mosier Tunnels Trail

 Mosier Tunnels Trail!

Mosier Tunnels Trail is less a hike, more a paved running & biking trail.  But it fits in the “Great Oregon Hikes” category because it gets you firmly out of the city, & into the gorgeous countryside.  You’re basically walking right along the Columbia Gorge for the entire trail ~ so arriving at the stunning Mosier Tunnels just seems to be a bonus.  I absolutely love this walk.  It’s perfect for families, dogs, bikers, runners, walkers, those training for marathons: basically, everyone.  Because of its gradual incline, it provides a nice challenge for runners & will still get your heart rate up if you’re walking.  Plus it’s a nice, wide path the size of a road ~ so plenty of room for everyone.  

The trailhead for the Mosier Tunnels Trail is just past Hood River (which makes a great, post-walk/run spot to eat), & before the town of Mosier.  If you get all the way to Mosier, you’ve gone past the trailhead for this walk.  

Mosier Tunnels Trail, Great Oregon Hikes

Walking through the Mosier Tunnels, 4 miles past Hood River, OR.

Mosier Tunnels Trail, Great Oregon Hikes

One of the viewpoints along Mosier Tunnels Trail.

Map to Mosier Tunnels Trail!

Mosier Tunnels

Directions to Mosier Tunnels

Directions from Downtown Portland

Distance from Portland: 65 miles

  • Take I-84 East for 62 miles
  • Take Exit 64 onto OR-35
  • In 0.3 miles, Turn Right onto Button Bridge Road
  • In 100 feet, Turn right onto Button Bridge Road
  • In 0.3 miles, Turn Left onto Old Columbia River Drive
  • In 1.2 miles, the destination is on your left: Historic Columbia River State Trail.

Mosier Tunnels Info

  • Starting Point: Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail
  • Total Trail Distance: 8.5 miles round-trip
  • Hike Type: Out-and-back, on paved road
  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate, gentle incline
  • Time: 3-4 hours
  • Elevation Gain: 1,000 feet
  • Pet-friendly: Yes
  • Kid-friendly: Yes
  • Good for Trail-Running/Marathon Training: Yes
  • Crowded: Moderate to crowded
  • All Seasons? Yes
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Mosier Tunnels Photos!

Mosier Tunnels Trail, Great Hikes Oregon

Wide, paved road right alongside the Colombia River.

Mosier Tunnels Trail, Great Hikes Oregon

Dylan approves!

Mosier Tunnels Trail, Great Hikes Oregon

Beautiful meadows & forest views provide great variety along the Mosier Tunnels Trail.

Other Hikes Nearby!

Dog Mountain is right across the way, over the Bridge of the Gods & in Washington; it’s almost directly across from Hood River.  Hamilton Mountain is also across the way, in Washington state, closer towards Camas & Vancouver.  Or, if you’re heading back home to Portland, there are countless hikes along the way: Angel’s Rest, Multnomah Falls & Eagle Creek, to name a few.  For a more complete list of Columbia Gorge hikes, click here.  

Where to Stay & Drink

Dog Mountain Hike, Skamania Lodge

Skamania Lodge is only about 15 minutes away from Dog Mountain. Grab a drink & enjoy the view or stay a night.

Skamania Lodge is a pretty famous place in Washington, & just across from Hood River in Stevenson.  The views you’ll get from Skamania are incredible.  If you’re wanting to turn your outdoor adventures into a weekend getaway ~ this is a great place to do it.  But if you’re just looking for some grub after hitting the Mosier Tunnels trail, simply head into Hood River for plenty of great dining options ~ there are even some great taco street carts if you’re starving!  And of course, there’s always my personal favorite Hood River haunt: Naked Winery.  If you’ve never been, drop everything.  GO immediately.  

If too much wine turns into you need a room for the night in Hood River, click here to check hotel availability.  

Get Prepared!

Light Windbreaker

Even during the summer in Portland, it’s never a bad idea to bring a light windbreaker.  Oregon weather can be unpredictable, & rain is always a possibility. 

Good Trail Running Shoes

The more you wear regular tennis shoes on the trail ~ the more you realize you need good trail running or hiking shoes.  You’ll get better ankle stability & have better traction, & typically are NOT white (like all my ruined Nike’s).

Small Backpack with Water

For most hikes, you’ll need water, some snacks, sunscreen, a hat, & possibly a swimsuit ~ plus whatever else you deem essential.  Small backpacks are perfect for day hikes ~ & this one includes a 2L hydration pack for you & your pup.

60 Hikes Within 60 Miles


Easily my favorite guidebook for hikes near Portland ~ it covers the Gorge, Mt. Hood, Portland, & the Oregon Coast.  Rip out pages for the hike you choose, especially on long hikes ~ or take a photo of trail directions & use as a guide.

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