Great Hikes in U.S. & Abroad

 Great Hikes in U.S. & Abroad!

Hiking is one of my favorite things to do ~ both at home, & especially when I’m traveling!  Discovering great hikes everywhere I go is one of my absolute favorite hobbies: which is why I’ve put this section together.  When searching for new hikes, I find it’s difficult sometimes to get quick overviews, pictures & directions for the hike ~ which is exactly what I aim to do here.  The purpose of this page is to provide quick snapshots of some of the great hikes all around the world, including right here in the States.  I want to give you ideas & get you out hiking!

Hiking is a great way to get to know a place, even places you think you know.  And of course, if you have a dog (like I do), it’s a fantastic way to get them outside & exercising!  Hiking with friends is also a great way to be social while being outdoors & active.  So let’s get hiking!  It’s time to find some of the great hikes around the world…let’s go!

Great Oregon Hikes, John Muir, Angel's Rest Hike
Great Hikes, John Muir Quote

Get Prepared!

Great adventures need great gear.  And if you need some extra hiking inspiration to get prepared, check out some of the best books on the subject, including two of my personal favorites: Wild, by Cheryl Strayed & A Walk in the Woods, by the inimitable Bill Bryson.  

Light Windbreaker

Trail Running Shoes

Small Backpack 

Coleman Tent

A Walk in the Woods

Into the Wild

America’s Greatest Trails


Great Oregon Hikes, Thoreau Quote, Angel's Rest Hike
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