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Great Destinations ~ North America

North America is diverse as they come.  And it’s where I’ve called home for most of my life.  But its territories could not be any more different.  From the vast space & sweeping vistas of cold Canada, to “America the Beautiful” & her 50 completely different states….the true melting pot of cultures from around the world, to spirited Mexico ~ with her beautiful beaches & party-loving cities, to the more authentic Mexico, that is steeped in culture, soccer, & festivals filled with color & life. 

And those are just three of the countries in North America.  

From there, we head to the Caribbean & make our first stop in Cuba: where time stood still & we can literally step back into a different era when we travel there.  To Puerto Rico & Antigua, the Dominican Republic & all of the beautiful Caribbean Islands, surrounded by turquoise waters ~ & just a short plane ride from most cities on America’s east coast.  North America is vast, beautiful, & perhaps the continent with the most variety: from the glacial landscapes of Canada to the idyllic, tranquil waters of the Caribbean.  Let’s see what it’s all about….

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