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Iceland Travel Overview!

  • Safety = #1 Safest Country in the World!! 99%
  • Cost = Very Expensive!! 90%
  • Outdoor Adventures = Abundant, but challenging weather 85%
  • How Safe I Felt as a Solo Traveler = Very Safe 99%
  • How Windy is Iceland? = 100% WINDY!! 100%

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Iceland Travel FAQ

Welcome to Iceland Travel FAQ! Here they are: all of the most popular questions I've been asked about traveling to Iceland ~ all answered in one place!  Forget going to ten different sites to get your questions answered (like I did)...all of your Iceland questions are...

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Iceland Packing List!

Welcome to your Iceland Packing List! My Trip Details Travel Dates: October to November 2016 Length of Stay: Four Weeks Weather: Average temperature was in the 40's Fahrenheit.  If dressed properly, I rarely felt cold ~ though, it was almost always windy in Iceland!...

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Top 5 Best Waterfalls in Iceland!

Iceland is the "Land of Waterfalls."  You'll find them everywhere, and all around you, as you travel throughout the Icelandic countryside.  Some will be jaw-droppers you can see from the highway, others you'll have to 4X4 to get to, and others still will be slightly...

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Facts About Iceland for the Visitor

I don't know about you: but I like to research a county before traveling there.  I like to know what I'm getting myself into - but more importantly, I want to figure out what makes that country tick: to learn about its history, traditions, and culture, in order to...

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Having a Good Map is Essential in Iceland ~ Especially if You’re Driving

Norse Mythology Combined with Mystery…written by an Icelandic Authoress

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