Croatia Travel Guide

Welcome to Croatia!

Croatia is one of my favorite countries EVER.  I absolutely fell in love with it ~ & I think you will too.  It’s slightly off-the-beaten path (though getting more discovered every year), & quite a bit cheaper than the rest of Europe: but those are not the main reasons you’ll want to visit Croatia.  Why should Croatia travel be on your bucket list then?  For its crystal-clear, turquoise waters that will make you ache they’re so pretty.  For its world-class night life in international hot spots like Hvar Island (an adult’s playground if ever there was one). 

And for the thousands of other islands that line the shores, just off Croatia.  Yes ~ thousands.  Just think how many hidden gems are out there, waiting to be discovered… 

Oh, & did I mention that “Game of Thrones” is filmed here?  That slightly popular, #1 TV show in the world?  Dubrovnik is the backdrop for the fictional King’s Landing, which is the seat of the much fought-over Iron Throne.  And the city lives up to its expectations….we had the time of our lives there, getting lost down alleys, & eating fresh fish as the moon rose over the walls of the fortress that surrounds Dubrovnik.

Croatia is something out of a dream, & if I had to choose ~ I’d say Croatia is my favorite European country of them all.  If I had to live in Europe: I’d live in Croatia, & have the best life ever.  So let’s talk Croatia travel!

Croatia Travel Overview!

  • Safety = Much Safer than the U.S. 90%
  • Cost = Much cheaper than mainland Europe 45%
  • Adventures = Abundant + Water-Based!! 100%
  • How Safe I Felt as a Female Traveler = Very Safe 95%
  • Croatian People = Some of the most GORGEOUS people I’ve ever seen ANYWHERE!!! Especially the men ; ) 100%

Croatia Travel Facts!

  • Croatia in One Word = Perfect.
  • Croatia in One More Word = Turquoise (waters).
  • Wi-Fi = Wi-Fi available in major cities; less available when venturing out to the islands.
  • Global Peace Ranking = #31 out of 163 countries (U.S. is #103) = Statistically safer than the U.S.
  • Hotels = Generally cheaper than the U.S. ~ particularly if using Airbnb or Homeaway.
  • Must-Do’s = Hop on a boat.  Swim in turquoise waters.  Go to Hvar Island.  Stay up all night on a party island.  Go to “Yacht Week.”  Get lost in the medieval fortress that is Dubrovnik.  Pretend you’re Cersei Lannister.
  • Is Croatia Good for Solo Travelers = Yes. Absolutely.
  • Would I Go Back = Yes!!!  I would actually live there.

Croatia Travel Resources!

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