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Central America is one of the most underrated international destinations: particularly for Americans.  I think we’re naturally drawn to the castles & beaches of Europe, without realizing that there are beautiful beaches just a few hours south of our border in the United States ~ & beaches that are significantly cheaper than Europe!

Though Central America is a popular backpacker’s destination (because it is so cheap), I’ve also met numerous ex-pats & retirees who’ve bought homes down there, say in Costa Rica or Nicaragua.  They fell in love with the culture, the people, the tropical climate, & of course, a cost of living about half of the United States. 

Some travelers avoid Central America because they perceive it as “unsafe.”  Countries like Honduras, Guatemala, & El Salvador especially get a bad rap ~ & there are precautions to take in all those countries.  But personally, Guatemala is one of my favorite places I’ve ever traveled, & I traveled there by myself ~ with no issues.  So we’ll dig more into all of these issues, as we travel together in Central America. 

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