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Great Destinations ~ Asia Travel Guide!

Welcome to your Asia Travel Guide!  Asia is the largest continent on earth, & is home to more than 50 countries ~ countries so different from one another, that it’s almost ironic they’re on the same continent.  Some of these countries include: Afghanistan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia (a backpacker’s paradise), Israel, Japan, Jordan, Pakistan, the Philippines (up-and-coming backpacker’s paradise), Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand (longtime backpacker’s paradise), Turkey, & Vietnam.  Beginning to get an idea of how wildly diverse Asia travel can be?

It’s understandable that contemplating travel to Asia is overwhelming.  Where do you start?  How can you possibly choose from all these incredibly different countries?  For novice backpacker’s, Indonesia & Thailand are great choices ~ because you’ll be surrounded by other like-minded travelers & longtime backpackers, & they’re typically very friendly places.  Personally, Thailand is one of my favorite countries in the world.  It was my first solo travel trip, & it’s hard to put into words how special I find that country to be.    

If you’re a more seasoned traveler looking for luxury, Hong Kong or any of the major cities in China would be a good first choice, along with Tokyo in Japan.  For those longing to get off-the-beaten path: Bhutan, Laos, the deserts of Jordan, Nepal ~ any of these would be a great choice for exploration.  The books below will help you sift through all of your choices: because Asia travel represents more choices than you can possibly imagine.   

Central Asia

Vietnam, Cambodia, & Laos

Southeast Asia


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Nepal & the Himalayas



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