10 Positive Affirmations for Solo Travel

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“Women shouldn’t travel alone.”

“It’s not safe to travel.”

“You’re going to Colombia???!  By yourself?  Are you crazy?”

“There are so many bad things going on in the world – maybe you’d be better off staying home.”

If you are a solo female traveler – or even a traveler period these days, chances are you’ve heard a variation of one of these lines.  In our country, in our culture, and in our media, we are surrounded by fear.  We are taught, in some cases, to be afraid of other cultures. 

You can choose to give in to this fear, and let it prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.

However, you also have another choice: the choice to believe in yourself. To believe in yourself, you must not let the fear of others and of society bring you down.  This is, in actuality, quite tough to do.  It is helpful to have tools on your side to counteract this negativity.  

One of these tools, and one of the most powerful is: Positive Affirmations.   

10 Positive Affirmations for Solo Travel

I first heard of affirmations through the work of Louise Hay.  What is an affirmation?  An affirmation is simply anything you tell yourself, or any thought you think.  Since we are busy thinking all day long, we are, in reality, giving ourselves affirmations all day long, whether we know it or not.  Affirmations can be positive or negative, and the reason I think positive affirmations work particularly well for travel is because they counteract much of the negativity we hear regarding travel – concerns which may or may not be true.  Affirmations give our mind a different, more positive, point of focus – instead of endlessly playing a loop of repetitive or fearful thoughts. 

The following examples bring up common anxieties that the female traveler is likely to experience on the road.  What we’ll do then, is toreplace all of these thoughts with their positive counterparts. 

Please note: ALL of the following affirmations come from the work of Louise Hay.  You can learn more about her work at LouiseHay.com. 

“I’m afraid I won’t meet anyone when I travel.  I’m afraid I will be lonely.”

Replace with: “Wonderful new doors are opening for me! I am beautiful, safe, and everybody loves me.”

Louise Hay quote

“I’m afraid to be alone in another country.  That sounds overwhelming and scary.  How will I know what decisions to make?”

Replace with: “All that I need to know at any given moment is revealed to me.  My intuition is always on my side.”

Louise Hay quoite

“I’ve heard that it isn’t safe to travel right now.  The people around me are making me feel afraid to travel.”

Replace with: “I let go of all fear and doubt, and life becomes simple and easy for me.”

Louise Hay quote

“Every time I turn on the news, I hear something bad.  I can’t get my mind off these negative thoughts.”

Replace with: “I choose to let go of the negative, and focus on the positive.  I go beyond barriers to possibilities.”


“My family does not support my desire to travel.”

Replace with: “Life supports me in every possible way.”

Louise Hay life supports me quote

“I’m worried that I’m not fit enough or healthy enough to travel – that I won’t be able to keep up with the group.”

Replace with:  “I feel glorious, dynamic energy.  I am active and alive.”

Louise Hay quote

“I don’t understand why this is happening to me?”

Replace with: “Every experience I have is perfect for my growth.”

Louse Hay quote

“I feel happy one moment, then lonely the next – I can’t seem to get a handle on my emotions.”

Replace with: “Today I listen to my feelings, and I am gentle with myself.  I know that all of my feelings are my friends.”

Louise Hay quotes

“I don’t know if I can do this.”

Replace with: “I love and accept myself right now.”

Louise Hay

“What if people aren’t nice to me or won’t help me?”

Replace with: “I rejoice in the love I encounter every day.”

Louise Hay quotes

“I just feel anxious and nervous, especially when I travel.  I feel like it prevents me from appreciating the moment.”

Replace with: “Today is a very exciting time in my life.  I am on a wonderful adventure and will never go through this particular experience again.”

Louise Hay quote

You may feel very silly saying these affirmations at first.  My first reaction was, “Yeah right.  How could this possibly work?”  Though these affirmations may sound basic, or child-like, the point is: they should make you feel good.  They should help you to start to shift your perspective, particularly when you are feeling alone or scared.  We may not realize how negative our mental environment is until we actually take a peek in there.  And when we travel, our mental environment is going to be our most constant companion – therefore, if that environment is unhealthy, we will recognize it instantly and want to change it!  Through travel, we are forced to confront our stereotypes, our prejudices, and our fears.  Travel can be a great catalyst, allowing to make dramatic changes in our mental atmosphere, making it a much friendlier, happier place to be. 

I hope this post has been helpful to you.  Fellow female travelers, write in the comment section below one of your favorite affirmations – there are so many to choose from!  And one last one to leave you with:

Louise Hay quote


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