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Hi!  My name is Noelle…or Noelia south of the border!  I live out of a suitcase 24/7/365 & write all about it here….which officially makes me the “Girl Who Travels the World!”  Want to learn how to get free flights?  I’ve got you covered.  Need fab swimsuits for your next trip?  No problem.  Do you secretly want to become an epic & fearless solo female traveler?  You’re in luck ~ because that is my specialty.  

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Join me on this passionate, exciting, adventurous kind of lifestyle that’s all about dreaming wild dreams & living life WAY outside the box!  We’re off to great places…so let’s GO!!

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Girl Who Travels the World

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My intent for this website has never been simply to showcase my travels around the globe. I want to hear from women all around the world. I want you to tell me your story... read more

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